Good teachers keep their students focused. Some educators have a DO NOW section on the chalk board so that students know what to DO NOW as they arrive for class. Here are some actions nonprofit leaders can DO NOW so that your mission can earn an A+ as society emerges from the pandemic.

  1. Take a fresh look at your mission. The world around you is changing at a dizzying pace. This tumult provides a good opportunity to look at the purpose of your work with fresh eyes. Now is a good time to think about how you can take the work of your nonprofit to the next level.
  2. Invest in governance.  Nonprofit boards are being forced to confront some tough realities regarding their stewardship responsibilities. When is the last time your board compared its current practices with best practices? What type of training do board members want or need? You can elevate your board profile and performance if you invest in your board individually and as a group. Good governance is preventative medicine for healthy organizations.
  3. Plan. It’s tough to do strategic planning when there are so many unknowns. But if you wait for a clear picture, the world will pass you by. Plan now.  But be flexible because coronavirus is not the last challenge you will face.  And as you consider the logistical challenges of gathering busy people, keep in mind that it’s easier to get high attendance in a Zoom room than a board room for at least the next several months.
  4. Keep asking for support. Although many lower-income workers are hurting because of the pandemic, the stock market is at an all-time high and traditional givers still want to invest in causes that are important to them. There’s an opportunity here. Nonprofit leaders who are waiting for the economy to improve are missing out.  Today is the best day to ask for support! But work smart. Major gift fundraising has long been the most cost-effective strategy to inspire philanthropic investment.

Lester Consulting knows that these are uncertain times. We want to help. We have a number of services we can provide at a reduced cost on a first come, first served basis. If you are thinking about strategic planning, training for your board of directors, a major gifts program, a capital campaign, or if just need a strategic thought partner, we are here to help. Complete this form or call us at (877) 569-2890.

Focus on Mission. Engage Your Donors. Move Forward Boldly.