August 28, 2017
" Do you have a little "Mo" in your company? "
The "Family Business Man" in England, my friend, Peter Roper,discussed in his video blog the need for passion in a family business and how it is lacking in so many. Passion, in a family business, is a strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement for your business, your items or services, your employees, your suppliers and most of all your customers or clients. Too many family members view their tasks as a "job" instead of a passion and a on-going legacy. When passion is lacking there is "No Mo."
       "No Mo"
Without a real passion for all areas of the company, that must be projected by the leader, or the working family members in a family business, you and your people will never be able to have a little "Mo" in your business.
        "Who is Mo?"
You all have heard of him. Mr. Mo Mentum. He is a force that takes an idea and turns it into a product and service. He allows it to grow so fast, that it becomes difficult for the innovation to be stopped. There is so much passion, so much positive energy that your company "pushes" the competition back. They try to emulate what you do but they do not have the momentum to make it happen.
"What happens if you don't have a little Mo in your company?
Too many times, many of us get so caught up in the day to day business, we forget about the passion we once had. When this happens we lose our momentum and in turn your people will lose theirs. If you cannot pass on passion as well as a little "Mo" the proverbial bus of competition may just have enough momentum to run you over. Don't blame your people. As the leader YOU are the driver of the bus. You are the Mo that you have to find again, pass on to others and get them to follow your example of passion and momentum. That is the only way you will get a little "Mo" in your company.
Kwaiserism: "Passion leads to momentum. Momentum is harder to stop than a runaway bus!"
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