In light of the Second Coming, God's mission mandate for the Naples Seventh-day Adventist Church is to connect people to Christ, enabling them to be transformed into His likeness and equipped to serve Him. 
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Happy Sabbath! We pray your week was full of blessings.  We look forward to coming together in worship with you!

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Worship Message  
"Does Right or Wrong Really Matter at All"
Message Provided by: 
Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.

In Defense of the Faith, Part 2

Last Saturday, we began a 4-week series on facing the challenges of Atheism and Naturalism Philosophies.  Prompted by Justin Brierley's book Unbelievable, I believe it's important to find credible answers to the questions raised about not only basic tenets of Christianity, but also the very idea of the existence of God.

In the first presentation, we looked at some evidence ("God's fingerprints") in science that indicated a thoughtful, loving Creator.  The delicate balance of a "fine-tuned" universe leads one to look for that Intelligent Designer, rather than just random chance.  The simple element of Gravity lent itself to suggest such a Designer behind it all.

The next logical step is to answer the issue of whether humans are of any value whatsoever.  Or are we just products of evolving biological systems.  And therefore, are there really basic morals that we all would agree are either right or wrong.

Answering these fundamental issues are often avoided or dismissed by believers.  But we should welcome such questions and challenges for there are good, solid answers we can give for the faith we cherish and believe.

Tithes & Offerings


The trucker. A retired missionary related the following story: "Many years ago I served as a departmental secretary in one of our mission conferences in southern Brazil. On one of my trips out from the office, I pulled into a truck stop to get gas for my car. As I went inside to pay, I stood in line behind a trucker and overheard the cashier say to him, 'How much do you want me to write on your receipt?' I was very puzzled at this until I figured out what was happening. Both were conspiring in a scheme to rip off the truck driver's company. The cashier would inflate the receipt, they would probably divide up the difference, and when the driver returned to his base he would turn in the receipt for reimbursement and pocket the rest." There is no telling how much deceit and dishonesty there is out in the world. Cheating on our taxes, earning money "under the table," falsifying records-the list goes on and on. If nothing else, God's tithing system teaches us to be honest in keeping accurate records of our finances. On the plus side, it is a wonderful thing not only to be honest, but to be generous. Using our blessings to benefit God's work, and assisting the needy with our talents, time, and resources, helps us to sleep sweetly at night. It's a foretaste of His kingdom, which will be filled with unselfish and true-hearted people.
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Message 2 - A Church in Change?
Message 2 - A Church in Change?

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Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.
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September Birthdays

1  Cole Rucker
4  Gesner Nicolas
5  Ralph Benedict
6  Cara Renee Gamez
9  Laura Carlisle
9  Virginia Rea Perez
10  Alex Cvik
11  Brandon Herard
12  Joshua Wainwright
13  Virwendjie Demezier
15 Eddy Jean-Jacques
16  Melody Langford
17  Andy Boileau
17  Aldy Jones
17  Cebastien Lamothe
19  Elizabeth Boileau
20  Jack Akins
22  Jimmy Saint-Hilaire
23  Matt Fahnestock
23  Annie Typaldos
23  Brianna Wygocki
24  Alex Bernard
24  Suzanne Boothby
25  Ricky Pier
27  Monfort Cherelus
29  Ferry Charlien


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