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Greetings! ,

Happy New Year.

Very Personal and Revealing Note

The subject line of today's ezine is more "in your face" than is typical for me.   And, even though I feel the discomfort, I am going forward anyway.

Some of the best results in my business have flowed my way when I found the courage to step into uncomfortable territory and move forward anyway.  Consider yourself warned to expect more of those kinds of headlines this year as I continue to step into what Authentic Visibility means to me.

That said, are you seeking more perfect people to be part of your community?  Me, too.

One idea that a friend suggested was one that made me grin.  He said, "No icky people under the tent."  Just invite more of the right people to play, and that means being specific. 


I work with spotlight seekers who:


  •  ... are dis-satisfied with their wattage and ready to do something about it.
  • ...  are serious about building their businesses to even higher levels of success.  These business owners have already done the hard work of defining who they serve, why it matters, and why the marketplace needs what they offer. 
  • ... honor my time and service through timely payment, timely arrival to appointments, and timely action on assignments.

It happens from time to time that people show up with unreasonable expectations, unwillingness to take action, or otherwise show up as impossible to please. We know them when we meet them or experience them.  We must trust our gut and "Run Forrest Run" in the opposite direction.   These are NOT the ideal people any of us should invite under our tents.



Another timely tip is what one mentor called "pitch or ditch."  Apply time to activities that deliver results, delegate the right tasks the the right people, or send some projects to the "dead zone" never to be dealt with again.


That's pretty good advice for keeping priorities in order and keeping focus on moving the "big rocks" first.  I seem to recall that Forrest Gump had a thing to say about big rocks, too. 


You may be thinking "Physician, heal thyself."  And, you would be right.  I get wake-up calls all the time, and when the whispers turn to roars, I listen.  I am listening and taking action to pave a path for a fabulous New Year.


What are you doing to pave your path so you can welcome the same?  I'd love to hear from you.  Drop me a line at nancy@AuthenticVisibility.com.  


Blog Edits to Serve You Better and Another Confession 


I've made some edits to my website to make the navigation easier.  Now, when you land on the home page, you can read more about the WOW waiting for you.     A new tab on the navigation called BLOG makes it easy for you to find all the most recent posts.  


Truth be told, these edits should have been done in 1997 when the blog first went "live."   It is clearly one of those "I wish I had a V8" moments.   


This revelation underscores another tip that is a mantra I live by.  I continue to take imperfect action in the direction of my dreams.  I keep moving forward, step by step.  The results are flowing in the right direction, despite missing pieces that have just now arrived at the party.   


It's going to be a shiny New Year.  Make yours the best it can be by telling stories all your own -- especially when it means pushing beyond what is comfortable and showing up at your authentic best.

I can't wait to support your journey in the specific ways that are my gifts to share with you.  Be sure to check out the yellow box on the right for upcoming events that can help you get this New Year off to a glowing start.



Nancy Juetten

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