Stylish & Easy Doodle Grooming 
Doodles are everywhere. The varieties are endless! Once just a cross between a Poodle and a Lab or a Golden Retriever is now almost any breed crossed with a Poodle.
Like you, Lisa Leady hears the familiar: "Don't make my Doodle look like a Poodle," on a regular basis. 
So what do you do - especially when the Doodle is a Saint Bernard mix? The result is a no-nonsense trim that's easy for the owner to care for and looks fabulous.  


Grooming a Problem Pet
We all have that client that we dread. You see the client's name on your appointment book and your blood pressure immediately rises. The pet is uncooperative. It bites. These dogs would rather be anywhere but on your grooming table, and sometimes, so would you!