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Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should
When you have an unmet simulation or testing need, should you build or buy the capability?
There are testing instruments and software packages available in the market – which have been improved through years of R&D and quality management – that can meet the needs of a technical team in their product development efforts. Despite these turn-key resources, we sometimes see a company READ MORE
The Best News Yet: Endurica Solutions are Making our Client's Customers "Very Happy"
MILAN, Ohio—Automotive supplier Tenneco Inc. is planning to continue expanding its material testing lab at its Milan technical center through 2019.The company’s Clevite Elastomers brand, which licenses Endurica L.L.C.’s software, will grow its material testing lab in the neighborhood of double its current size, said Steve Pohlman, Tenneco vice president and general manager of global elastomers. “The biggest thing we have out here is mainly the Endurica lab,” Pohlman said. “They’re doing a good job with it and we’re going to continue to invest in it. Our customers are very happy with it.” READ MORE
What value does your company gain by deploying product development resources one way vs. another when it comes to durability? R&D organizations are built around what it takes to get the product into production. The costs of the organization include wages for the engineers and technicians, the costs of the capital equipment used in development and testing, and the overhead from administrative functions. These are all fixed costs, and in the rubber industry it is typical to see R&D budgets that amount to somewhere between   READ MORE
Rubber Compounding for Durability
August 30, 2018 in Beijing, China
Are you challenged to make your rubber products last longer? 

This one-day course will teach compounding strategies to improve the strength and lifetime of rubber components. 

Course Objectives
  • Understand how rubber fatigue and failure characteristics are influenced by materials selection and compound structural features
  • Learn compounding strategies to improve strength and fatigue lifetime
  • Know the right testing methods to characterize rubber durability efficiently in the lab
Questions? Contact Dr. Christopher Robertson at 1.419.947.0543, Ext. 707
or Chris at
Endurica Master Training
offered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Rubber Necking - a special addition of things that make us look twice!
Another cool thing that made us look twice
You won't want to miss this duck!

Where is Endurica (and @EnduricaWill) Bouncing to Next?
August 30, 2018
Beijing Xijiao Hotel, Beijing, China
September 4-6, 2018
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
September 11-13, 2018
Akron, Ohio, USA
October 9-11, 2018
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
October 10-11, 2018
Dearborn, Michigan, USA

October 22-24, 2018
Course to be held AXEL
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

October 25-26, 2018
Course to be held AXEL
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

October 23-25, 2018
Novi, Michigan, USA .
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