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We're about to open the doors to our newly-expanded booth and Builder Central tent at AirVenture Oshkosh. Will we see you here?

We have a lot to talk about this year, starting with the industry's most affordable 2020-compliant ADS-B Out solution. The new SV-GPS-2020 is a drop-in replacement for our SV-GPS-250, allowing those of you with SkyView to retrofit with ease. Pair it with our SV-XPNDR-261 Mode S transponder and you're fully equipped for 2020. At only $590, the SV-GPS-2020 is under half the cost of the competition. We're thrilled to be able to offer the best support in sport aviation.

Go Fly!

Michael Schofield
Marketing Manager
Dynon Avionics 
Upcoming Product Releases

New GPS Receiver/Antenna 

Offers Industry's Most Affordable ADS-B Out 2020-Compliant Solution

The new SV-GPS-2020 GPS Receiver/Antenna lets new and existing SkyView and Advanced AF-5000 series customers add a 2020-compliant GPS position source for ADS-B Out for only $590. As a drop-in replacement for the existing SV-GPS-250 receiver, owners of existing systems do not need to run any additional wires, coax, or install any new boxes in their aircraft.


When combined with our SV-XPNDR-261 Mode-S transponder, SkyView and Advanced Flight Systems customers meet all the transponder and ADS-B Out requirements for $2790. Pilots can also add the SV-ADSB-470 Traffic and Weather Receiver for the best-possible situational awareness in their aircraft. For more information, including a full set of frequently asked questions, visit the  SV-GPS-2020 pageYou can find a downloadable PDF brochure for the SV-GPS-2020 hereThe SV-GPS-2020 is expected to be released in the fall. 


Expanded AirVenture Oshkosh Exhibit:
Visit the New Dynon Builder Central Tent
We're featuring an expanded exhibit at AirVenture Oshkosh 2015. The new space at Hangar D features the outdoor Dynon Builder Central tent, where pilots can visit with our Builder Central Team for in person flight training, technical support, and builder advice. The outdoor exhibit also features aircraft built by Dynon Avionics and Advanced Flight Systems employees.

System Software Updates to SkyView and
AF-5000 Series Avionics Bring New Capabilities 

Dynon is the only company that boasts two fully featured avionics platforms for sport pilots. Both receive significant free software updates this summer.


SkyView 13.0 System Software debuts support for additional languages. German and French language packs that transform SkyView's on-screen interface will be free downloads from the Dynon website. SkyView 13.0 also brings support for additional en-route charts for customers outside of the US. At release, partners offering charts include PocketFMS (Europe), OzRunways (Australia / New Zealand) and AvPlan EFB (Australia / New Zealand). 


SkyView's synthetic vision adds predictive terrain alerts that dynamically shade terrain in yellow or red based on the aircraft's projected flight path. And pilots who fly behind the Rotax 912 iS powerplant gain useful new information, including throttle position, cold start assistance, and Eco/Power mode indications. 


SkyView 13.0 - Terrain Alerting plus Charts in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand


SkyView 13.0 - Parlez vous Francais? 
(German language also available) French ICAO charts also shown.


SkyView 13.0 will be available shortly after Oshkosh. 

Advanced Flight Systems' new 12.0 system software for the AF-5000 series has Inset Windows that allow pilots to place small windows alongside their PFD displays. Available Inset Windows include Map, Traffic, Flight Plan, Profile View, G-Meter, and Video. 


Another feature enhancement is an improved flight planning interface that coordinates and integrates with the Avidyne IFD540 and IFD440 navigators. AF-5000 series products also gain support for Charts, Sectionals, Flight Guide Airport diagrams provided by Seattle Avionics for only $99/year. Finally, version 12.0 supports the Wi-Fi Adapter and flight plan transfer capability with ForeFlight Mobile. 

AF-5000 Series with Avidyne Flight Plan integration and ForeFlight Flight Plan Transfer via Wi-Fi


AF-5000 Video/EMS Inlays
AF-5000 Profile / Flight Plan Inlays


AF-5000 series 12.0 software is available now 

Dynon Builder Support Team and Advanced Quick Panels Offer Complete Solutions for Homebuilders
Introducing Dynon Builder Central and the Builder Support Team
Introducing Dynon Builder Central and the Builder Support Team
These two complementary programs provide the most complete avionics solutions possible for experimental aircraft homebuilders.

For homebuilders who revel in the details, the new Dynon Builder Support Team's goal is to guide pilots from "first dream to first flight" by eliminating obstacles that builders face as they create their dream panel. 

Debuting at Oshkosh 2015 is the
first wave of accessory products that complement their major avionics purchases. The first products to become available include an Autopilot Level Button, Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit, AOA/Pitot/Static Installation Kit, Panel Module Faceplate Blank, ADS-B Harness, Transponder Harness, and Transponder and ADS-B Antennas.

Autopilot Level Button
Pitot / Static / AOA Installation Kit
Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit

For those who would rather leave their whole panel to the experts, our Advanced Flight Systems division offers the Quick Panel System. Each Quick Panel is a fully-engineered and integrated panel of avionics that is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install. Quick Panels include all switches and harnesses, which all connect through the exclusive Advanced Control Module. For more information visit http://dynon.aero/quickpanels/

The Advanced Flight Systems Quick Panel System

D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS Priced Right For the Flying Season
D2 Pocket Panel

The D2 Pocket Panel is the only portable, self-contained EFIS designed for use in any aircraft. Built with the same solid state attitude technology as in other Dynon products, the D2 can be a life-saver for GA pilots faced with a vacuum pump or gyro failure that would normally result in a high workload "partial-panel" scenario.

The D2 Portable EFIS will be available at AirVenture Oshkosh at the lowest price ever. With a list price of $1095, pilots can expect even better pricing from dealers at the show. Stocking dealers at AirVenture include Aircraft Spruce, Pacific Coast Avionics, and Gulf Coast Avionics. For more information about the D2 can be found at http://dynon.aero/d2.


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