January 2024

1st Semester Report Cards 
Debit Cards 4 Kids 
Financial Fun Fact 

News For Our Younger Members

We are NOW accepting

1st Semester Report Cards

Kids Club Members share your report card with

FMCU and we'll pay you for your

good grades!

You can mail your report card, drop it off at

either of our FMCU offices or attach it in an e-mail sent to [email protected].

Financial Fun Fact


Did you know

"Only 8% of the world’s currency is in cash"

The vast majority of the world’s currency exists in electronic form. Economists estimate that coins and banknotes make up just 8% of the world’s currency. The rest sits on a computer hard drive in electric bank accounts all over the world. Because of the worldwide acceptance of the internet and online payments, people are making and spending money without actually touching it.

source: transferGO

Debit Cards 4 Kids

Did you know KIDS CAN NOW GO CASHLESS with FMCU? We offer youth Visa Debit Cards for Kids

It’s better and safer than using cash! And puts parents in control

Share the benefits of FMCU convenience with young ones (12-17 yrs old)

in your life.

Experience FMCU convenience


Click here to learn more and ask how to get started

The Credit Union Difference

First Missouri Credit Union was organized in 1927 by the St. Andrew Working Men's Sodality and is Missouri's oldest and longest serving Credit Union. Our Credit Union Board and Committee members are comprised of member's who volunteer their time for the service of the membership.

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