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September 2020
September 1, 2020
Your Monthly Message from Principal Fish...

Hello Eagle Families!

If nothing else, starting the year in Distance Learning will forever one day be etched in our memories as a moment in our lives that we were all a part of something no one has ever attempted.  While starting the year in Distance Learning mode may not be ideal, I am a firm believer that our character is far less visible in what happens to us and much more visible in our response to what life throws at us.  We're responding as a community, district and school in an incredibly supportive, understanding and resilient way.  We're positive, kind and rolling up our sleeves - together - as a complete team!  Our schedule for the first 4 days is below in a link.  Day 1 is a 1, 3, 5 day.  Teachers are sending Zoom links and Google Classroom join codes to your student's email as we speak.  Please make sure they're checking their email EVERY DAY.  Also, it is good for your student to have a dedicated space for "working from home" that affords him or her the space to engage fully in his or her online school work.  Establishing a routine, maintaining a calendar of log-in times, "attending" and engaging in school work daily will place your student on the path to success in Distance Learning 2.0.  Our approach has improved... Distance Learning 2.0 includes:
  • Each Course has a Google Classroom Presence
  • Each Course has Universal Google Classroom Settings
  • Each Course has Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Opportunities
  • Each Course will Use Zoom for Synchronous Learning
  • Improved Online Calendar with Increased Opportunity for Teaching and Learning
  • Access to Our Full AHS Grading Scale
  • Daily Attendance Expectations for Every Eagle
  • Weekly SEL (Character Strong) and HSBP / Graduation Pathway Components (School Data Solutions) - This starts Sept 11 (more to come)
  • Teacher daily access to classroom and campus resources for improved remote teaching
If your student does not have Internet access we want you to know we are working on a solution to possibly bring your student to our WiFi at AHS to access his or her online courses as a part of Step 3 of the APS Re-Opening Plan. Please email me directly or call 360-618-6300 to let us know that your student has NO access to the Internet and that you're hoping for your student to have access.  We are quickly building this list based upon the greatest need.  If a HotSpot doesn't resolve your access problem, we are looking to be creative by safely bringing in small numbers of students.  Naturally, there will be health safeguards in place and a setting of 5 or less to comply with the state and local department of health guidelines.  

Please know we will continue to work hard to ensure Every Eagle has access to our best available teaching and learning online.  The paper / pencil option from the spring simply is not possible as we are starting the year without the benefit of three quarters of the year in standards assessment of your student.  Every student is starting a new set of courses and instruction is critical to their success.  Absent prior instruction, paper / pencil is not an option that will lead to success.  Connectivity is key for Every Eagle - we will do all we can to make it happen ASAP!


Lastly, I want to thank you for your grace, patience and resilience as we work through these challenges together.  I love Arlington and I wouldn't want to be facing these challenges with any other staff, students, families or community.  You're amazing and I know we will succeed!


Stay Healthy,

Duane Fish

Principal AHS


Upcoming Dates

September 1 - First Day of Distance Learning 
 Freshmen Text book Handout 2-6pm
September 2 - Sophomore Textbook Handout 2-6pm
September 3 - Junior Textbook handout 12-4pm
September 4 - NO SCHOOL - Friday prior to Labor Day!
September 7- Labor Day NO SCHOOL
September 8 - Senior Textbook Handout 12-4pm

If you did not have an opportunity to come by on our previous distribution days, Chromebooks will be distributed by the technology department at the district office, 315 N. French. They will be open on September 1, 2 and 3 from 1:00p to 5:00p. 
19-20 YEARBOOKS - 
Yearbooks are in the main office.  If you did not get in to pick up your yearbook from 19-20, you can come to the High School and buzz the office.  They will bring your yearbook out to you.

There are additional yearbooks available for sale. Please have exact change or pay by check.  They are $70.
20-21 YEARBOOKS - 

This year is different. We need your help to write the history of this school year. Please, send in your photos!  NO HAND SIGNS PLEASE

Please make sure to include the names of the people in the photo as well as the name of the photographer. We cannot use the picture if we can't track you down for more information (and to make sure we know who actually is IN the picture).

Senior photos and graduation ads will be due Friday, October 23. More information coming soon . . . check the Yearbook Webpage on the AHS Website for updates. Info will also be shared through School Messenger and social media. 
Are you a member or ally of the LGBTQ+ community?  Would you like to meet other members of this community in a safe space, hang out, and talk about LGBTQ+ issues, learn about LGBTQ+ culture and history, and advocate for and support LGBTQ+ students at Arlington High School?  

If your answer is yes, then email AHS' LGBTQ+ Club Advisor Mr. Ford at to receive more information about the LGBT+ Club's first Zoom meeting of the year:  Wednesday, September 2nd at 3:30

Yes we will have Driver's Ed. at the start of the school year.  1st quarter applications are available at AHS and on the website or email Mr. Brooke; to get an application emailed to you.  The class and parent/student night will be ONLINE, but the drives will be conducted with safety procedures to keep students and instructors safe.  Questions, email me again at
Hello Eagle Families.  Just want to give you a quick update on the status of Athletics for the 20-21 school year.  We fully intend to offer all our regular sport offerings only on a different time table.  The Covid-19 pandemic and guidelines from the Governor's office, Snohomish County Department of Health, Risk Management Pool, and the WIAA have forced us to change the format of our normal athletic seasons.  Currently the WIAA has planned that we have three condensed seasons beginning with winter sports starting the last week of December.  This season will run through the months of January and February with the culminating activity being held the last week of February.  The traditional Fall sports will run in March and April with the culminating activity being the first weekend in May.  Finally, Spring sports will begin in May and continue through June with the culminating activity scheduled for the last week of June. 

Please keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation and while we have a plan and are working to implement it, things can change.   There has been and continues to be much time and effort to provide the opportunity for our student athletes to compete.  Know that we will do what ever we can to make that happen.   As more information becomes available we will continue to keep you updated.  
Go Eagles!!!!

We Need To Make Sure Our Teens Are Okay!
September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Every September, we observe National Suicide Prevention Month. It is a global initiative to help spread awareness and prevent suicides. Every year, an unimaginable 800,000 people die by their own hands while 25 times more than this number attempt suicide. 

If you or someone you know is in an emergency, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911 immediately.

What is Advisory?
Advisory will take place weekly working on two components, Character Strong and high school and beyond plan.  Character Strong will focus on character development through 8 essential character traits and the social emotional traits that are proven to help students be productive, empathetic and successful. Be on the lookout for character dares! Arlington High School is committed to helping all students create a path that focuses on their interests and desires after high school.  High School & Beyond Plan is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and potential future career opportunities. You will develop a Career Plan that prepares you to take advantage of all AHS opportunities when creating your 4-year graduation plan. Lastly, Graduation Monitor will help parents, counselors, teachers, and most of the students stay on track to their future goals. Students that complete classes off campus will need to attend advisory to complete high school and beyond plan. We look forward to working with every Eagle to develop student-life readiness, improve student leadership and enrich school & community culture.  
From the Counseling Office
Counselors now have Google Voice Numbers!

Students, parents, and community partners can use these numbers the same way they would use our office numbers in the building. Please feel free to provide to students, parents, or community partners who would like to speak with a school counselor. We've set up regular office voicemail for these numbers.  Counselor alpha breaks by student last name and emails indicated below as well.  

A - C,     Elizabeth (Lisa) Sullivan (    (206) 629-8704
Ho - Me, Cheyenne Hanshaw (         (206) 659-9476

Also, counselors are available on Zoom for any student or parent to drop in on Fridays from 12-2.  You received an email with a link to the meeting from your counselor.  If you need that again, email your counselor.
Virtual Community & Technical College Fair
Students interested in studying at a 2-year school are invited to join us for a VIRTUAL college fair to learn more about Community and Technical Colleges in the Puget Sound area!
Admissions representatives from Cascadia College, Edmonds College, Everett Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Shoreline Community College, and Skagit Valley College have teamed up to share more about their schools and the programs they offer. 

Please have students pre-register at the link below:
Important Information
Skyward Information
Parents, please double and triple check your contact information including phone and email in Skyward. Remember also, to look at your Emergency Contacts.  Please update this information with Robin Knutson in our Counseling Office. 360-618-6307
From the Registrar
Transcript Requests:

All transcript requests are now being processed using Parchment.Com. Please use the link on the AHS website if your student is in need of a transcript for any reason. Transcript requests will be processed within 3 business days.


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