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July 2015   

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In this month's newsletter, we focus on the most recent education news pertaining to Using Personalization in Blended Learning (Hot Topic), "Grit" Perseveres (Client Solution), Foundational Strategies as a Tool for Common Core (Teaching Trends), ISTE 2015 (EdGate Services) and following up with new additions to the EdGate Standards Repository (Standards Update).  


As always, EdGate is your source for staying current with new developments in education and the impact of educational standards.




Gina Faulk
EdGate General Manager 


Client Solution 

"Grit" Perseveres 


For education purposes, "Grit," is loosely defined as persistence over time to overcome challenges and accomplish big goals (Duckworth, 2013; Shechtman, DeBarger, Dornsife, Rosier, & Yarnall, 2013). The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) will begin aggregating data on students' grit, and desire for learning as well as other non-cognitive factors in 2017.  


Washington D.C.'s Valerie Strauss's recent report on the ongoing buzz about"grit" invites readers to consider whether grit can or should be taught. While research has shown that giving students challenging goals helps galvanize effort and persistence, is it in a student's best interest to persevere in a discipline in which she lacks cognitive ability? Some, like Angela L. Duckworth, the University of Pennsylvania researcher who popularized "grit," say yes! It is a topic that is unlikely to find consensus anytime soon, but is well worth investigating and joining the conversation.


By: Lisa Waugh 

Project Manager


Hot Topic 

Using Personalization in Blended Learning


We have heard about the rising tide of "Blended Learning" instruction for several years now and it has changed the way students learn and teachers teach. A report out this month from iNACOL talks about the new wave of blended learning and the importance of incorporating and integrating technology with personalized instruction for it to be an effective tool in meeting individual student's needs and encouraging student achievement.  


Every educator knows each student is unique and having the opportunity to tailor their needs will undoubtedly encourage student success. Schools that have been focused on just bringing technology applications into the classroom are now looking at the next steps, how can they take it to the next level and integrate personalization opportunities with their students to optimize success. Districts and teachers are still experimenting with the formulas for what is the most effective blend of online learning and face to face instruction and how the integration of personalization can be capitalized on to aid achievement. It will certainly be interesting to watch how both curriculum and models of teaching adapt in the coming years to fit the changing learning environment. 


Further reading can be found at Education Week and Education World. 


By: Jennifer Larson

Project Manager 


Teaching Trends 

Foundational Strategies as a Tool for Common Core at All Grade Levels


According to Professor Maria Mongillo, elementary and secondary school teachers will benefit from reviewing strategies established in Early Childhood Common Core Standards as a foundational teaching tool for learning at any grade level.  Teachers can utilize simple techniques used for hands on learning to develop targeted learning centers with high quality materials.  Exposing students to concrete examples that pull from their personal experience and develop critical thinking skills will fortify their drive to solve problems presented in real world applications.  Planning for learning provides a platform for exploration, repetition and opportunity for cross-curricular openings to engage students by utilizing their interests.  Beyond traditional writing and testing, utilizing multiple platforms for learning gives the student opportunity to demonstrate and verbalize their understanding of the material and an alternate source of evaluation for the teacher.  The simple lower grade concepts of hands on learning, using concrete examples, repetition and routine, and allowing students to demonstrate and vocalize information provides wide platform for interpretation that can be utilized at any grade level to engage all students.


EdGate currently maintains Early Childhood Standards for all 51 states and is currently updating to the 2015 Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages 3 to 5, which focuses on the foundational learning practices that prepare young children for successful entry into school.  


For more information on the new Head Start Framework, please visit


Please feel free to contact any of us here at Edgate Correlation Services with any questions you have or to request a sample using your content.


By: Tammy Reid

Content Specialist


In This Issue
Top Stories 
All Teachers Are STEM Teachers

With the recent focus on the need for STEM careers, teachers need to ensure that STEM education is available to all students. 

Common-Core Materials Penetrate Every State

Although Common-Core has not been adopted in all states, many educators in non-Common-Core states are actually using Common-Core-aligned curriculum.

A New Architecture for Blended Learning Success 


To see the benefits of blended learning, schools need to rethink teaching methods as well as the actual architecture of the school. 


Staff Highlight 

In this issue of the EdGate Observer, we would like to introduce a member of our Digital/Video Content Team, Katherine Schugren-Meyer.



Katherine joined the EdGate team in 2012 as a Correlator, segmenting and summarizing educational films and documentaries for the Films on Demand project. She has a BA in history and Latin American studies from UC Santa Barbara and an MSc in environmental sustainability from Lund University. She has lived and studied in Spain, Germany and Sweden, and has done volunteer food system research for agricultural non-profits. She enjoys yoga, gardening, spending time with family, and training for triathlons with her husband.

EdGate Services 
ISTE 2015


A big thank you to those of you who attended ISTE and took time out of your busy schedule to meet with us! We appreciate the work that goes into these conferences and trust your time and efforts will soon pay off!


For us, it was great to connect with clients face-to-face as well as meet new prospects and get the buzz on what is happening in the industry.


Besides all of the fun and impressive technology we saw throughout the exhibit hall, we heard publishers express their concern about the real need for aligning content to standards. The reality remains that states are holding leaders in education accountable for student success, using standards as the measurement of that success. With this in mind, it is most likely that decision-makers will select content they know will help educators teach students to ensure they meet state requirements.


As a correlation service provider, it is in our best interest to impress the importance of alignments. Of course, there is another very real benefit to publishers: sales.


If you are struggling with aligning your resources to state standards, please contact us to see how we can help. We do our best to work within your budget and may surprise you at how much you can save!

For more information, please contact one of our representatives.  

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Standards Update 

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:
  • Head Start Standards - Early Childhood Education (2015)
  • Kansas - Early Childhood Education (2013)
  • Maine - Early Childhood Education (2015)
  • National Geography Standards (NGS) - Social Studies/Science (2012)
  • Puerto Rico Department of Education Spanish Program - Language Arts (2014)
  • Puerto Rico Departamento De Educación Programa de Español - Language Arts (2014)
  • South Carolina - Language Arts (2015)
  • South Carolina - Mathematics (2015)
  • South Dakota - Media/Technology (2015)
  • Texas TEKS - Arts Education (2013 implemented 2015-2016)
  • Texas TEKS - Mathematics (2015 Grades 9-12 implemented 2015-2016)
  • U.S. National Standards - Early Childhood Education (2015 Head Start)
  • Utah College and Career Awareness - Career Technical Education (2015 Grade 7)



 Florida Career Technical Education

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (FL)
  • Architecture & Construction (FL)
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communication (FL)
  • Business, Management & Administration (FL)
  • Education & Training (FL)
  • Energy (FL)
  • Engineering & Technology Education (FL)
  • Finance (FL)
  • Government & Public Administration (FL)
  • Health Science (FL)
  • Hospitality & Tourism (FL)
  • Human Services (FL)
  • Information Technology (FL)
  • Law, Public Safety & Security (FL)
  • Manufacturing (FL)
  • Marketing, Sales & Service (FL)
  • Orientation to Career Clusters (FL)
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (FL)

Pennsylvania Career Technical Education

  • Agriculture (PA)
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences (PA)
  • Business, Management, Marketing and Support Services (PA)
  • Communications Technologies (PA)
  • Computer and Information Sciences (PA)
  • Construction Trades (PA)
  • Engineering Technologies (PA)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (PA)
  • Health Professions (PA)
  • Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Protective Services (PA)
  • Mechanic and Repair Technologies (PA)
  • Personal and Culinary Services (PA)
  • Precision Production (PA)
  • Visual and Performing Arts (PA)


Kristie McCarley

Standards and Operations Manager
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