Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map
       Chinese American Heritage Map & Database

UCA is developing an easy-to-use, multi-media, and interactive map for significant historical events, people and places of interest that are related to Chinese Americans. Such a heritage map,  a first of its kind, will allow Chinese Americans or anyone to plan family travel, do historic research, provide teaching materials, educate the broader public, or just be a history buff.

If you know about any such event, people, or place (the first, the largest, the earliest, the most  valuable…), please submit your entry on-line via UCA website. We will evaluate, verify and select qualified entries to be collected in the database. The initial version of ICAHM will be released at UCA’s 2018 convention and made accessible to all UCA members and general public.

Should an entry you submit is selected for use on the map, your name will be acknowledged,  provided that (1) you provided your name and contact information, (2) your entry is the earliest(based on the submission timestamp), and (3) your entry event or place is not already in ICAHM database which also receive data from other sources. 

Everyone in UCA family is invited to contribute to ICAHM project. Your  participation will be greatly appreciated.

Be truly part of history!

UCA Development Committee/ICAHM Group

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