A positive path for spiritual living
Rev. Joanne Blum, Minister
Unity of Delaware resumed in-person services on Sunday, June 6th. The virtual service on Facebook (and on Youtube by 4pm each Sunday) continues as well. Regular service time is 10:30 am.
Unity Church of Delaware
Sunday, June 13, 2021
"Entanglement" by Rev. Joanne Blum
With Music by Lynda McClanahan & Joel Knepp
Lately inspiration has been coming thick and fast from the earth beneath my feet. According to Robert Macfarlane, author of Underland, there's a "deep life ecosystem" down there, seven miles deep and incredibly diverse. Everywhere we look is evidence of the intricate mutuality among all living things--our "entanglement" as Macfarlane put it--and powerful reasons to learn to live in greater harmony with the Universe we inhabit.
Join us live at Unity of Delaware this Sunday--see Unitydelawareohio.org for details or directions. Or join us virtually on Facebook Live.
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Last Sunday's Service (6-6-21)
"Graduate AND Commence?"

Now is a time of graduations. . . and of commencements, which seems paradoxical. Whereas graduation sounds like the completion of something, commencement sounds like a beginning. And so it goes in human life. Always another curriculum.

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