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The Envision Shooks Run study focuses on one of the more important stream corridors in the central part of the City of Colorado Springs. The study area encompasses two boundaries: the Community Planning and Transportation System Area boundary (noted in blue in the map above) and the Infrastructure Planning Boundary (noted in red in the map above). The project area is generally located to the  east of Downtown Colorado Springs, between the Patty Jewett Golf Course area to the north and the Fountain Creek corridor to the south. It encompasses the southeastern quadrant of the Legacy Loop trail.


Public Input Needed for 
Study to Move to Major Milestone

Following extensive community input, the planning study known as Envision Shooks Run reached a milestone with a recommended corridor theme in June 2016. The next milestone is a draft Facilities Master Plan. Your input to the draft plan will guide how infrastructure improvements and enhancements are implemented along and near the Shooks Run corridor over the next 50 years. 

What: Envision Shooks Run Public Workshop #5
When:  Tuesday, September 27, 2016 
Time:  5:30 - 7:30 p.m.: (Doors open at 5 p.m.)
Where:  First Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall
    219 E. Bijou St. ( corner of Weber St. and Bijou St.), 
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    ( Enter on the Weber St. side of the building.)
Parking: Free parking is to the east of the building, 
southeast corner of Bijou St. and Weber St.
Shooks Run Draft Facilities Master Plan
We are on Step 1
"Develop DRAFT Facilities Master Plan"
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With public input the project team continues to determine how to best complement the corridor vision with specific alternatives, moving toward development of a Facilities Master Plan.

The Shooks Run Facilities Master Plan (FMP) will be a planning document approved by City Council and the Mayor setting forth a vision for a portion of the City through improvements and changes to streets, bridges, drainage infrastructure, and zoning, to name a few. This long-term plan will enable the city to make strategic decisions on allocation of funds in a fiscally responsible manner to maximize needed improvements. It also provides the City a better idea of the funding needed to fulfill the community-desired vision for Shooks Run.

When complete, the FMP will outline the vision of the Colorado Springs community for the corridor along Shooks Run creek, from its confluence with Fountain Creek north to Constitution Avenue, and the process that the community and the City of Colorado Springs followed to arrive at a preferred vision for the corridor and conceptual plans for different sections along the corridor. 

The project schedule was revised in June of 2016 to respond to the community desire for Shooks Run to be greatly improved from what it is today by leveraging various improvements, including completion of greenway, neighborhood improvements, and potential development of destination elements to support overall economic development of this portion of the City and the downtown area. The key change was the addition of the development of a Facilities Master Plan to the project. The value of this addition is improved guidance to reach the goals for Shooks Run defined in the recommended Transformative Corridor Theme. The Facilities Master Plan is anticipated to be presented to City Council in late 2016.

Missed Public Workshop #4?

Approximately 80 citizens attended and participated in the Envision Shooks Run Public Workshop #4 June 14, 2016 at First Presbyterian Church. Following a project update presentation detailing how the project arrived at the recommended corridor "Transformative" theme, participants divided into groups for focused discussions on various aspects/topics of the theme affecting sections of the corridor. 

Click to view June 14 public meeting documents: 
The Transformative Theme 
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Following several months and hundreds of public comments/suggestions received during the four workshops held to date ( an average of 120 individuals attended each workshop), numerous neighborhood and small group meetings, nearly 200 door-to-door visits with property owners, as well as community organization and elected official meetings, the community has directed the City toward a theme focused on using transportation, infrastructure and parks as seeds to encourage economic growth along the Shooks Run corridor.

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