Message from the President & CEO
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the second wave of coronavirus is here.

This, according to the Toronto Star, October 2.

Whether you believe the second wave is here or is coming, the numbers are clear. Cases are on the rise. As leaders, are we ready for it? Are we ready for the emotional toll it will have on our customers, our co-workers, our employees and families? Are we ready for the impact it will have on our bottom line? Most of us are still struggling our way through the first wave. 

Leaders, as we all know wear multiple hats. They are responsible for delivering results to their own leaders and/or to governing boards. They are responsible for ensuring customers receive products and services to their expectations, maintaining consumer confidence in this time of turmoil. They are responsible to their employees – to keep them safe – emotionally and physically. They are responsible to themselves.  

All of the above can be daunting at the best of times; during a pandemic it can be quite frightening. Leaders need to show strength, yet vulnerability, two competencies that seem at odds with each other.  

But why is this different from the first wave? What is different this second time around? People know what to expect. You might think that should make it easier. It doesn’t. We know what it is like to be and feel isolated. We know what it is like to have the bottom fall out of our business. We know what it is like to have people in our community fall sick and in some cases, die.  

We know, not everyone follows the rules, complacency has set in. 

“50% of Canadians surveyed are not confident that others in their community would adhere to public safety guidelines like handwashing, wearing masks and keeping a safe distance should we experience a second wave.” 

And what does this do? It creates fear. It impacts our mental health.

“Young women are most likely to say that a second lockdown would have a very negative effect on their mental health — 42 percent say this would be the case. One-in-five Canadians (22%) say it would not affect them.” 

And what can we, as leaders do? 

Stay focused. Find that balance between strength and vulnerability. Communicate, support, communicate, support. 

Your organization needs you, your customers need you, your people need you. 

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
Course Spotlight:
Union Management Relations
Union Management Relations

The image you see above was from the most recent course in Union Management Relations, successfully conducted safely in-person at the request of the client. Feedback was great, so we're offering an Open Seat virtual session that anyone can register for.

The course provides participants with an understanding of the history of union/management relations and management rights and processes. Participants will learn how to build effective relationships between union and management and move from confrontation to collaboration. In addition, dealing with grievances and why grievances may go to arbitration will be examined.

Interactive and scenario-based with real-life examples, the Union Management Relations course will be offered virtually on*:

November 25, 2020
8:30am to 4:00pm

Course details and registration link can be found HERE.

*A full-day online is 3-90 minute sessions + a 1-hour breakout activity. 1/2 hour breaks with a 1-hour lunch. 
CAMA National Awards of Excellence

The Canadian Association Municipal Administrators (CAMA) recently awarded outstanding municipalities in the areas of innovation, environment, and professional development, during a Virtual Awards of Excellence Ceremony.

Congratulations to @DistrictMuskoka for their CAMA Professional Development Award for their Leadership Acceleration Program. The District partnered with MCE to implement the program to address today’s challenges and opportunities faced by senior leaders in the workplace. 

See a summary of the Leadership Acceleration Program HERE.

A cool video presentation of the award can be viewed HERE.
Free FRL 2 Info Session

MCE President & CEO, Audie McCarthy, and long-time facilitator, Sandra Summerhayes, are teaming up to bring you an insightful, comprehensive take, on the 'new-look' behind one of our Signature Programs, Future Ready Leadership 2 (FRL 2).

As always, FRL 2 remains designed to build upon skills and knowledge gained from our FRL 1 program or other previous leadership training.

Please join us on October 22, 2020, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, for a complimentary, virtual tour of our redesigned FRL 2 program. Register via Eventbrite below.
For more information about our programs, contact:
Audie McCarthy
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