January 19th, 2022
“Everyone needs help from everyone.”

— Bertolt Brecht
With 18 days officially logged in the books, how we feelin'?
Have the last two and a half weeks proven to be the best year ever? Is it more of 2021 on repeat? Have you even acknowledged that it's a new year? No matter how you're doing, know that we're waving our pom-poms and cheering you on! [insert high kick]

With the start of the new year, the chamber team has hit the ground running. January has been the month for proactive efforts to get the office prepped for a highly successful event season. And while events are great [more pom-pom], we also want to pay extra attention to strengthening our business leaders and the teams they support in 2022.

The past twelve months have been highly educational. We believe there is much to be learned from one another and from the stories we can tell. The Plan? Utilize the weekly chamber newsletter to circulate ideas, information and encouragement. What's the easiest way to get information? Ask!

We're certain that each of you have been developing new strategies, techniques, best practices and habits that will enhance this year's efforts! We'd love to hear about it. There is so much we can learn from one another when we choose to listen. So please, tell us about your fresh ideas. Share the new found methods that are paying off in the short-term. Be it, customer retention, hospitality, business outreach, client engagement, office culture, staying positive...what is everyone talking about? What is everyone seeing, hearing, doing out there?

Even if it's a simple conversation about how to structure a work-based potluck, let's talk about it, together.

The Elkhorn Chamber
Submitted by Kate Abbe
Submissions will be compiled and shared at the end of each month.
The Elkhorn Chamber and it's staff continue to provide weekly
e-blasts for all of our newsletter subscribers and chamber partners. If you have business updates or events to share please send to Kate Abbe at kate@elkhornchamber.com. Let us help you continue to grow and engage with the Elkhorn community and surrounding areas!
If you are also in need of sharing a copy or two with your family, friends or business clients, please let us know and we'll be happy to drop off a fresh supply of community guides at your office. Please send us your request, and we'll see you soon with a stack of the new guide!
Experts at home-selling, property-buying, relocation services, and more

Palmer Hamilton provides smart, versatile and beautiful furnishing solutions to K-12, higher education, commercial markets, libraries, fab labs and makerspaces. We began manufacturing high quality cafeteria tables for schools more than 70 years ago and quickly became the industry leader in innovation, selection and service.

2022 Goal: Use an EASY 1-2-3 Step skin care routine that helps my skin glow! If this is you or someone you know, we need to talk! L’BRI has what you need!
This WI-company products skin and body care products that are safe, effective and affordable! AND they’re even more affordable now, as all our trios (cleansers, fresheners, moisturizers) are on sale this month! You can purchase them together (as a trio) or individually, and it’s all ON SALE! If you’d like help ordering or to get a personal consultation, call Kristy at 262-745-2366. You can order or check out the full catalog by visiting 

Everyone deserves healthy, younger-looking skin in 2022! And L’BRI will help you get it! 
March 12th, 2022 - Maker Faire POSTPONED
The Why:  
1: We typically have over 100 Makers, but our interest survey has only given us 18 Makers who are definite "yes's".  
2:We do not want to forego the quality of the event for the community, seeing as this is something many families look forward to each year, with certain expectations.  
3: With the virus spreading so rapidly, we do not want to put makers, teachers, students, and the community in harm's way.

What Can You Do Instead:
1: Schedule a Maker Monday workshop in the high school library on Monday evenings. (These are smaller setting, and offer a lot of 1 on 1 hands on with the guests)  https://forms.gle/t8mj8o5FcvMRugTW9
2: Host a workshop at your own business, and the Maker Faire will promote it for you on all of the district's social media platforms. https://forms.gle/t8mj8o5FcvMRugTW9
3: Don't forget about us, and cross your fingers that next year will be a better year for large events.

library logo
Get your Tech Questions Answered at the Matheson Memorial Library’s Annual Techstravaganza!

Saturday, February 5th at 11:00am. 

Did you receive a new device over the Holidays that you’d like to learn how to use effectively? Join us for Techstravaganza, our annual lunchtime tech help session. We’ll be offering a presentation on how to use the Libby app, followed by a free lunch, and then we’ll spend the rest of the time answering your questions about smartphones, tablets, laptops, social media, or anything else you’d like help with!

This program is completely free, but registration is required.
Please call us at (262) 723-2678 to reserve your spot. The program will be held in the Matheson Memorial Library Community Center, and will run until 2:00pm.
No one wants pain, but many people are affected by it. Chronic pain is one of the top
reasons people go to the doctor. In fact, more people are affected by chronic pain than
diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer combined. Pain that continues after healing
or longer than expected is called chronic pain.
A FREE monthly seminar series brought to you by the Elkhorn Resilience Coalition. 
WHEN | Third Wednesday of the month, 6 - 7:30 p.m.

WHERE | James A. Wehner Auditorium, Elkhorn High School

DETAILS | Doors open at 5:30 p.m., limit 75 in-person attendees

*Conversations are also available online*

Job Fair - Sat, Feb 5
11 a.m. - 3 p.m. @ The Pro Shop
Evergreen is Hiring for the 2022 Golf Season

Bartenders for Pub Bar and Beverage Carts
Bunker Bar & Services
Pro-Shop, Hostess
Servers for Friday Fish Fry
Servers for Banquets and Weddings
Wedding Security
Kitchen help, Dishwashers/Bussers
Cart attendees, Rangers

We want to meet you and tell you more about Evergreen. Join our friendly, customer-focused crew and enjoy being a part of Walworth County's favorite golf course and the Lake Geneva area's best golf value.

Interested individuals are asked to please bring their valid Driver's License, Social Security Card, and Bartending license/Certificate, if one has been earned.
Bookkeeper / Executive Assistant (part-time)

Please submit your resume and cover letter, no later than January 28, 2022 to:
Gwen Griffin, Executive Director
Old World Foundation
P.O. Box 347
Elkhorn, WI 53121
501 Nathan Lane Unit #4, Elkhorn
Sierra Financial Services in Elkhorn has extra space to rent in their
office. (1) locking office and up to (2) cubicles. Would have access to
off-street parking for both employees and clients. Two conference
rooms & separate wi-fi stream. For additional details,
please email Jim Pfeil at jim@sierrafinancialservices.com.
If you or a business you know are in need of assistance please reach out