December 28, 2019
Peaceful scene... BUT... off we go into a brand new, wondrous year!
Intriguing info
Olives remove heavy metals during digestion... what?
And, guess what ? It's the bacteria!
A group of researchers from the University of Jaén have identified a strain of bacteria found in  table olives  that may help the human body to bioquench heavy metals during digestion.
"healthy" foods that are actually bad for you...
Caffeine offsets fat and sugar intake?
The caffeine debate continues!
"Caffeine may offset some of the negative health effects of a diet high in fat and sugar, according to an animal study from the University of Illinois. According to a  report on the study  from the University, caffeine may reduce the storage of lipids in fat cells, limit weight gain and reduce the production of triglycerides."

Chili peppers and cardiovascular disease... what's up ?
Eating this many chili peppers linked to lower risk of dying from heart disease...
"Eating chili peppers regularly as part of the Mediterranean diet has been linked to a lower risk of dying early and from cardiovascular disease in a study."
Ebola vaccine... exciting ? Not.
FDA Approves Merck's New Live Ebola Vaccine Which It Says Can Shed and Cause Immunosuppression
Merck has received the FDA's fast-tracked approval of a live, genetically modified Ebola vaccine which, according to its vaccine insert, can cause a novel new form of Ebola-type infection, resulting in immunosuppression and possible shedding of live virus to others.

Buyer beware! ... BMJ exposes Big Pharma's influence in medical decisions...
BMJ Exposes Big Pharma’s Interference in Medical Decisions
One of the primary roles of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is to review the safety and efficacy of drugs before they are sold on the U.S. market. In 2016, The BMJ suggested a strong conflict of interest when they wrote about a revolving door existing between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. In pursuit of monetary gain, this relationship places the health of Americans at risk.

Whooping cough closes school with 100% vaccination rate... Really? Who's "the real wolf in the room?"
And that's not all the bad news....

"In the United States, over half of the 2,480 compensation awards made made under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which total more than $2 billion dollars, have involved brain inflammation and encephalopathy resulting in permanent brain damage associated with whole cell and acelullar pertussis vaccine in DPT and DtaP shots."
Despite a 100% vaccination rate, a Texas school closes early for winter break due to a whooping cough outbreak. Clearly the vaccine is failing to work as advertised. 
"Out of an abundance of caution, St. Theresa Catholic School near Memorial Park in Houston voluntarily closed early for the Christmas holidays on Dec. 12 due to several confirmed cases of Pertussis or Whooping Cough. The school notified their community of the first confirmed case on Dec. 4, and the case was immediately reported to the Texas Department of State Health Services to investigate.

All of St. Theresa’s students are vaccinated . The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is working closely with the Houston Health Department to ensure that we keep the best interest of the community in the forefront of our efforts.

If you or any loved ones who may have been in contact with someone from the St. Theresa’s community exhibits the first symptoms of Whooping Cough – which are similar to a common cold, including a runny nose, sneezing, a low-grade fever and a mild occasional cough – contact your physician immediately."
Wondrous, comforting "mush food..."
Creamy Mushroom Soup
There's no cream in this silky mushroom soup. Pureed potatoes give this vegan mushroom soup its creamy texture. Be sure to use Yukon Gold--russets don't provide quite the right texture. 
Wishing you a wondrously happy 'n healthy 2020!
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