January 2018

Montgomery County Republican Party


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Executive Committee Meeting January 16
Munch & Mingle at Headquarters Prior to Meeting
Refreshments Provided by County Judge Craig Doyal
Dr. Wally Wilkerson,
Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman

The first quarterly meeting of the Montgomery County Texas Republican Party Executive Committee (CEC) will be held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 7:30 pm in Room 402 of the Alan B. Sadler Commissioners Building at 501 N. Thompson Street in Conroe. A Munch & Mingle Social will begin at 5:30 pm before the CEC in the County Headquarters at 310 Metcalf Street, Conroe 77301-2856. Light refreshments provided by County Judge Craig Doyal will be served. The Vacancy Committee will meet at 6:45 pm in the same location as the CEC meeting to consider filling vacancies in Precincts #2, #26, #49, #87, #91, #93, #94, #95 and any vacancies created by incumbent Precinct Chairs choosing not to file for re-election.
The CEC will hear reports from SREC members, the Vacancy Committee, the Party Treasurer and the County Chairman. The meeting will then recess to allow Senatorial District #3 and #4 Precinct Chairs to caucus to choose a Temporary Senatorial District Chairman who will begin the task of organizing for the Senatorial District Conventions to be held on March 24, 2018 at a site to be determined. Precinct Delegates for the Senatorial District Conventions will be chosen at the Precinct Conventions held at the Precinct voting locations for the Primary on March 6. The Senate District Conventions will select Delegates and Alternate Delegates to attend the State Convention to be held June 14-16, 2018 in San Antonio's Gonzales Convention Center. In a non-presidential election year like 2018 there will be no National Convention.

County Adding Six New Voting Precincts

Due to our county's increasing population,
six (6) new Voting Precincts have been approved, which will be effective for the 2018 Primary election. This will bring the total to ninety-six (96) Voting Precincts in Montgomery County.
A description of Precinct boundary changes and maps of all ninety-six Voting Precinct maps can be found by clicking here.

Candidate Filings
Candidate filing closed on December 11, 2017, and Primary Election campaign season is in full swing.
A list of candidates in the Republican Primary can be found here. Follow the instructions on the link to find the candidates in Montgomery County.
Montgomery County Elections Central soon will have sample ballots available on its website, which we will also make available on www.mcrp.org.
A list of Precinct and County Chair candidates can be found here. If you are uncertain of your voting precinct, you can look up that information here.

Identity Politics
Matthew Continetti, the editor-in-chief of the Washington Beacon, delivered a speech at Hillsdale College on October 2017 regarding "identity politics". He began with these remarks: "The beginnings of identity politics can
Matthew Continetti
be traced to 1973, the year the first volume of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 'Gulag Archipelago'- a book that demolished any pretense of communism's moral authority- was published in the West. The ideological challenge of socialism was fading, its fighting spirit dwindling. This presented a challenge for the Left: how to carry on the fight against capitalism when its major ideological alternative was no longer viable?"
According to Continetti, the Left discovered its answer in an identity politics that was formulated into an ethno-racial struggle, "a ceaseless competition between    colonizer and colonized, victimizer and victim, oppressor and .oppressed". Rather than presenting central government planning as the solution, the new Left turned to the universities. "The study of history became the study of social history or 'people's history' and the record of the West's oppression of various groups. Suddenly new university departments of 'studies', such as African-American Studies, Women's Studies, Queer Studies, Chicano Studies, Gender Studies, and on and on" became commonplace. This revolution was accomplished quickly. Any resistance was speedily overcome with accusations of- guess what- racism. Democrats appear to be committed to the idea that multiculturalism and identify politics will bring about a permanent Democratic majority. They have concluded that they can no longer win the white working-class voters but assume they will win because of the "rising electorate" of multicultural voters. President Trump's victory in 2016 makes this assumption highly questionable.

Trump Cutting Regulations
According to the RNC's Grassroots Quarterly, President Trump is Redefining
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
President Donald Trump and Chris Liddell hold up a chart outlining the process to build a federal highway, as Trump talks about his administration's efforts in deregulation at the White House in Washington, Dec. 14, 2017.
Regulations. A report by the American Action Forum (AAF) indicates Trump is fulfilling his promise to limit new regulations and kill old ones while setting a record low for issuing new rules or regulations. AAF report reviewed the first six months of regulatory actions by the Obama and Trump administration. The report, when compared to the Obama Administration, shows the Trump Administration has imposed: 1/20th of the life time costs, 1/11th of the annual costs and 1/8th of the paperwork. The Obama Administration's actions resulted in total final rule costs of 24.4 billion dollars, total annual rule costs of 4.2 billion dollars, and a paperwork burden of 6,803,249 hours. The Trump Administration's actions resulted in total final rule costs of 1.2 billion dollars, total annual final rule costs of 378 million dollars and a paperwork burden of 848,239 hours. The President has been steadfast in his commitment to reducing the regulatory burden on everyday Americans, their pocketbooks and their businesses.

Chicago Voter Fraud
The Chicago City Wire is reporting that there were 14,000 thousand more votes cast in Chicago in 2016 than there are registered voters according to the American Civil Rights Union. The Chicago board of elections confirmed the report but refused to explain the discrepancy. When asked how there could be a difference between registered voters and votes cast, all it said was "there will be a final report" coming. This is just one example of how corrupted voter rolls inevitably lead to voter fraud across the country. It reminds us of the joke- "When I die, I want to be buried in Chicago so I can continue voting."

Economic Growth and Tax Reform
According to an Opinion piece in the December 2, 2017, issue of the Wall Street Journal by former Texas U.S. Senator Phil Gramm and Michael Solon entitled,
Former Texas U.S. Senator Phil Gramm
"Don't Be Fooled By 'Secular Stagnation'", the authors outlined their position favoring economic growth and tax reform as the answer to a depressed economy and government deficits: "The only sound basis for gauging the potential impact of public-policy changes is through the mirror of historical experience. Only by analyzing what has actually happened in the past can we generate any meaningful insight into what will happen in the future." Tax reform calls for a net tax reduction of $1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years. In order for this dollar reduction to be achieved, the economy must average 1.9% real growth over 10 years according to Gramm and
Solon. They wrote: "If instead the economy grows an average of 2.6%, the Republican tax reform bill would not raise the deficit. If the economy grows faster than 2.6%, the deficit would actually fall."
The question then becomes whether it is reasonable to assume the American economy might actually grow at a rate of 2.6% or greater over the next decade. The authors note: "From the end of WW II through 2008-including 10 recessions and the first half of the 11th- the American economy grew on average 3.4%. In only one period in the entire postwar era prior to the Obama presidency did the economy fail to grow by at least 2.6% for a decade-during 1973-1982, when the economy experienced 3 recessions, 4 years of negative growth, and only 2.3% average growth. "In every other decade before the Obama presidency, the economy grew by more than 2.6%. The 8 years of the Obama presidency produced what is referred to as "Secular Stagnation". The article concludes: "If we can rebuild the exceptional economy of the pre-Obama era, prosperity and growth will follow. Secular Stagnation is a political excuse for bad policies that we don't have to accept. After all, this is America."

Americans Most Generous
Americans are very generous people! Tom Purcell, a syndicated columnist, had an article in the Conroe Courier entitled "Charitable giving-It's an American Tradition." He wrote: "According to Giving USA 2017: The Annual report on Philanthropy for the Year 2016, American giving rose to $390 billion last year- a 3 percent increase over the prior year. Americans give around 3 percent of our collective income to charity- more than the citizens of any other country. Better yet, these are individual Americans, not government, who are generating the lion's share of the contributions." Purcell reported the National Philanthropic Trust determined that the vast majority of U. S. citizens donate to charity- and 91 percent of highest net-worth household do. "Though most of the contributions come in small amounts, the average household contribution equals $2,520- no small amount of generosity." Giving USA found individual Americans gave an estimated $281.86 billion dollars- an increase of 3.9 percent over the prior year, with individual giving accounting for 72 percent of the 2016 total. The rest came from foundations ($59.28 billion), bequests ($30.36 billion) and corporations ($18.55 billion).


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