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It's important to not only monitor your fitness today, but to set goals and try to improve your fitness in the future as well.

See how scheduling a "Free Fitness Assessment" with Lifestyle Fitness can get you on your way to achieving your fitness goals!
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  • Do you have trouble setting your own fitness goals and/or sticking to them?

  • Do you find yourself losing track of your progress over the course of your fitness journey?

🤷‍♂️ Yes, what can I do about it ?

You can Schedule your FREE "Fitness Assessment" at Lifestyle Fitness to measure various aspects of your body and its physical abilities.

A fitness assessment at one of our facilities will identify your current fitness level(s) and serves as a baseline or starting point of your body's overall fitness ability.

We will use this assessment to figure out your training needs and goals, and to map out a Fitness Program which will help you in achieving those goals.

You can then compare your progress over time to this initial fitness assessment.📈

🤷‍♂️ What does a "Fitness Assessment" at Lifestyle Fitness consist of ?

It begins with a short questionnaire about your fitness goals, health history, and your previous fitness information. After going over the questionnaire with one of our certified trainers, he or she will then measure your height, weight, and total body composition. 📏

The final part of the fitness assessment will consists of a "Physical Fitness Evaluation"🥇

All of this is vital to your fitness journey, and the ability to track your progress over time.⌚

At Lifestyle Fitness we believe there’s nothing more rewarding than helping people change their lives, get great results, and having a blast while doing it!🎉😄

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