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 Are the Stories True?
As   S e e n   b y   P r i n c e s s    M a g g i e 
Is Houmas House haunted? I hear this question every day by guests who visit.  I watch them take pictures of the windows and mirrors in hopes of catching a glimpse of the little ghost girl who wanders through the halls.  We receive emails every week of pictures with claims of a ghost photo-bomb. 
But is the
Sugar Palace really haunted?  I guess that can only be answered by those who have spotted the mysterious ghost girl and her family.
Every night I walk through the mansion and around the gardens in hopes of seeing former residents from the 1800's. How did they really live? Did they too have a canine princess?  I guess I'll never know.
But for all you spirit chasers, this Fall we will have nightly ghost tours offered by our tour guides who claim to have daily sightings of these past residents.  The guided tour will still incorporate the history of the mansion and its owners, but with an added element of the encounters each has experienced.  So, get your cameras ready and come along for an adventure!

Much Love,
Princess Maggie
Feeding Frenzy!

The Houmas House gardens are known for the many water features and ponds throughout the property.  And in each of these ponds are notable sized Koi- bright in color and always giving a show for all who enjoy these ponds.  Each day, we have a scheduled feeding for the fish in the large Hampton Fountain behind the big house at 11:00 AM.  We call the fish by ringing a copper bell and wait for the Koi to gather at the edge and eat the floating food.  It's quite a sight to see!  Don't miss this fun event if you are visiting during lunch!

  What Travelers See 
As featured on WGNO New Orleans
When planning a vacation to New Orleans, most often people want to see some of the countryside of Louisiana. Whether it's the swamps and marshes, quaint towns off the beaten path, or the historic plantation homes.  South Louisiana offers many reasons for repeat visits.  
If you have not visited Houmas House yet, here are two short videos about what you'll experience when you enter the front gates. From elaborate gardens, to the grand architecture of the mansion- guests are always hesitant to leave.  

Latil's Offers 3-Course Dinner for $65
Latil's Landing is known for the intimate setting of the original 1770's house.  And it's become one of Baton Rouge's top restaurants for celebrating special occasions. The menu reflects traditional Louisiana cuisine with a modern flare making it interesting and loved by all who dine.  

We have revamped the entire menu and offer three options:

THREE COURSES - $65 per person
FIVE COURSES - $85 per person
SEVEN COURSES - $120 per person

With each option, diners may choose from an assortment of options for each course.  Amuse Bouche and Sorbet are complimentary with any option.  Wine pairing may added to any selection at an additional cost.

Plan your dinner soon, no need to wait for a reason to celebrate! 
Reservations are required.     
Pets Welcome!
Traveling is so much more fun when you can bring your pet. Houmas House knows how much our visitors love their four-legged family members and we welcome them to come along for the ride.  
The Inn at Houmas House offers two rooms that are pet friendly.  No extra deposit is required for them. In fact, we provide water and food bowls!
Our guided mansion tour also allows dogs to participate in the fun and learn how both people and pups lived in the South during the 1800's.  
Maybe they'll even have a photo op with the famous Princess Maggie!
So, whoever said "Houmas House has gone to the dogs" , they're right!  And we hope you'll share your pictures with us enjoying Houmas House with your canine companions.
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 Open  Daily      


Sunday-Saturday: 9 am-7 pm

Cafe Burnside: 11 am-2 pm daily

Latil's Landing: Wed-Sat 6 pm-9 pm

Sunday Brunch: 11 am-3 pm

The Carriage House Restaurant:

    Breakfast- 8 am-10 am

    Dinner- 5 pm- 9 pm



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Houmas House Plantation | 40136 Hwy 942 (River Road) | Darrow, LA | 70725

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