Did you know tracking your building's resource use can help you save money and that the new Energy Star Portfolio Manager helps you track this data for FREE? In addition, did you know that by "greening" your properties you can also save money on your insurance premiums? The fall season is a great time to go green and save more green! There are many ways to save money through sustainability and we have featured some of them in this month's newsletter. Read on to learn how AGPOM and our partners are helping you "fall into savings" through sustainability.
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AGPOM Partner Feature 





Fulcrum is a national insurance program administrator with a focus on the commercial real estate industry.  Members of AGPOM have access to specialty insurance products made available through a partnership with Fulcrum Insurance Programs Inc.


 By partnering with Fulcrum, AGPOM leverages the highlights of their value proposition:                 

  • Innovative Program Design
  • Lower-Cost Pricing Models
  • National Capability
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Relentless Service Standards
  • Strong Carrier Relationships
  • Long Experience in Program Management


AGPOM Group Insurance Facility

AGPOM's insurance plan is specifically designed to address the unique needs of our membership. In addition to various "Green" coverage endorsements, the premium rates have credits available depending upon individual member commitment to Green practices. While member commitment to the AGPOM Green Building Plan is not required to access the insurance program, the greater the member's commitment, the lower the insurance cost. All member classes of business are eligible for the insurance program.  


Click the links below for details by line of coverage.  


Going green is essential to the overall success of today's businesses. Consumers are looking for brands that are adopting measures towards sustainability. Fulcrum Insurance Programs recognized this early on and established its exclusive AGPOM program to provide benefits to those insureds that adopt green measures.


To find out more about Fulcrum Insurance Programs call 425-453-5157 or click here.




Swiss Re Survey Finds Most People Believe World is Getting Riskier


A key finding from a landmark survey commissioned by Swiss Re on the occasion of its 150th anniversary, has found that "people around the world say they're acutely aware of the risks they  may face in the future, and are ready to shoulder the financial burden personally.


At the same time, respondents of the survey want their political 

leaders to do more to tackle a riskier world ahead."


The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey
Watch this video recap of the Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey
Swiss Re listed the following "key findings" from the survey:

* 70 percent of respondents are prepared to take personal responsibility for their own retirement costs
* 84 percent think that climate change will be responsible for more natural disasters in the future
* Nearly 8 in10 fear damage from an earthquake, flood or other natural disaster within the next 20 years 

* 75 percent would use renewable energy if it were made available
* 91 percent want governments to do more to promote energy efficiency

 *Hunger is a major concern, not just in the developing world


The 150th anniversary survey was conducted by Gallup, the consulting, polling and research organization, which "spoke with nearly 22,000 citizens across 19 markets on five continents, aged 15 and above. The survey was carried out in April and May 2013. Under the motto 'Open minds - connecting generations.'" Swiss Re said its aim is to "foster a dialogue about risks and how society and generations are to tackle them in the future.


"People were asked what concerns them most, including ageing, climate change, natural disasters, energy and food supplies. Almost everyone is worried about prospects for the economy. Concerns about global warming and natural disasters are also widespread.


"Most respondents say they are well aware of the risks they may face in future, and are willing to take action to address them - even if this is going to hit their own pocket. But many also say that government policy does not fully address the risks faced today and by future generations."


Read the full article in Insurance Journal here


Source: Insurance Journal

This Month's Featured AGPOM Memberstone signs 
bardessono name
Currently, one of just three hotels in the United States that holds a Platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification from the US Green Building Council, Bardessono Hotel and Spa demonstrates two things: A hotel can provide a fully luxurious guest experience and be very green at the same time, and environmental initiatives can be implemented in a manner that is practical, economic and aesthetic.


Gorgeous woods used throughout the hotel are milled from salvaged trees. Non-toxic, non-allergenic materials were used in construction. Organic linens and cleaning supplies and recycling and composting programs are standard. Products in the restaurant and spa are sourced primarily from local organic or sustainable producers.

The hotel's design team created a list of environmental initiatives to address every aspect of Bardessono life, most of which they were able to implement.


  Bardessono Solar Panels

Their areas of focus include:

  • Heating and Cooling
  • Mechanical Lighting 
  • Electrical Generation
  • Low Water Use
  • Reuse of Materials
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Creekside Protection
  • Construction Waste Reduction


The use of solar energy is maximized by covering roofs with the most efficient solar panels available (pictured above). The solar panels lie flat on the rooftops, invisible to surrounding properties. This 200-kilowatt solar energy system provides approximately one-half the total electrical energy requirement of the property. Expected return on investment is 6 to 8 years.


Read more about their environmental commitments on Hotel Bardessono Hotel's website

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This Month's Eco Tip: Measuring Your Building Data Using Energy Star's Portfolio Manager
You're heard it before: you can't manage what you don't measure.     

That's why EPA created ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager�, an online tool you can use to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Use it to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings, all in a secure online environment.  


Leading organizations take a strategic approach to energy management. By understanding current and past energy use through benchmarking, organizations can identify opportunity to improve energy performance and gain financial benefits. By looking at performance at the whole building level, building managers can identify opportunities for savings through operational improvements and system optimization as well as capital upgrades.


Sample Energy Usage Report

Portfolio Manager can be used by all organizations to:


  • Establish a baseline performance for each property you manage
  • Set goals for energy performance
  • Prioritize investments
  • Conduct ongoing measurement and verification of improvements (both financial and environmental)
  • Earn recognition from EPA and other for environmental and operational excellence


Use it to help you save energy, save money...and save the environment. Click here to learn more!   



Free Portfolio Manager 101 Webinar

Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 2:00 pm EDT

Get started using EPA's Portfolio Manager tool. Energy Star will introduce and demonstrate the core functionality of Portfolio Manager tool, including how to enter properties, enter energy and water data, share data with others, and generate performance reports.

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