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Volume 5- Issue 10- October 2017
October News & Updates

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A Community Training For Parents, M.S. & H.S. Students

*Community Service Credit provided for students...
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Save the Date...
Monday, November 13, 2017
Smithtown Library
 3 Indian Head Rd, Commack
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

"Family Talk.... Effective Communication in the Home"

- A Community & Family Strengthening Program -
In this issue...
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Upcoming Multi-Community Program Hosted by:
"Kings Park In The kNOw"

"Commack Coalition of Caring"

*Community Service Credit Provided to Student Participants...
...Empowered to help strengthen their families and communities.

" Family Talk...
Effective Communication in the Home"
Monday, November 13, 2017
Smithtown Library - Commack Branch
  3 Indian Head Rd, Commack
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

A Fun, Interactive Workshop presented by
Professional Educators & student facilitators  from:
Town of Smithtown 
Youth & Community Alliance -  (Healthy Relationships Committee);
Horizons Counseling & Education Center  &   Youth Bureau

Two community coalitions who belong to the Town of Smithtown Youth & Community Alliance; Kings Park in the kNOw and the Commack Coalition of Caring are co-hosting this community & family strengthening program.
The brainchild of the Town of Smithtown Youth & Community Alliance's; Healthy Relationships Committee, this family workshop will engage parents and middle & high school aged  students in an evening of fun, educational games and exercises.

Join us for a FUN evening and refreshments!
Participants will discover the basics of effective communication and have the opportunity to practice new skills with friends and family members.  What makes this program SO special is that the workshop will be co-lead by professional educators AND student members of the Town's Youth & Community Alliance, making it a peer education experience for other young people.
In this  FREE engaging program participants will...
  •  Explore barriers to effective communication and learn  helpful skills  to navigate common obstacles
  •  Experience opportunities to master new communication skills through adult and student focused role-play fun 
  • Discover the art of active listening and how this will enhance family relationships
Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling & Education Center & the Youth Bureau will be providing Certificates of Community Service to all middle school and high school students who attend and participate that evening.
Adults and students who take part in this Town of Smithtown Youth & Community Alliance initiative are considered volunteer Alliance members, and join the ranks of adults and students who are empowered to help strengthen their families and communities.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Online Registration starting soon...
Online Registration will be handled by Kings Park in the kNOw  

Hope to see you there!!!

Please HELP!!!

The Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry Cupboards are Bare!!!!
Come to the Food Drive!!!

 Saturday, November 4th 
 Purchase & Donate Needed Items
Stop & Shop, Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown

Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry Drive 2017
Food Collection - November 4, 2017
Stop & Shop, Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown
10AM -2PM

There is a serious shortage of food at the 
Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry right NOW! 

Town of Smithtown Youth Advisory Board members will once again be doing a Food Collection event for the  Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry 

The Pantry provides temporary food assistance for families throughout the Township.  Their motto is "no one is turned away... ever!"  Currently, they are in need of nonperishable food donations.

Last year multiple full car loads of food donations were collected, plus  the community donated nearly $500 in cash and store gift cards to help the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry.
No additional volunteers are needed to help collect food this that day
BUT we need Food Donations!!!

**PLEASE come by Stop & Shop on Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown and start your Thanksgiving Food Shopping early.....

...And Don't Forget to Donate suggested food items* at the front of the store for the Town of Smithtown Youth Advisory Board's Collection Program!

The Pantry Needs Your HELP...

Please Donate Suggested Items at the Food Drive:

Saturday, November 4, 2017
 Stop & Shop
 Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Look For The Youth Bureau & Youth Advisory Board Table out front.

The following items are NEEDED by the Food Pantry NOW...

Canned Fruit
Spaghetti Sauce
Mac & Cheese
Chunky Soups
Canned Ravioli 
Pork & Beans
Female Products
Laundry Detergent 
Large Size Diapers (3, 4, 5, 6)

Student Support & Discussion Groups in Local Schools...
Horizons Counseling and Education Center  and the Town of  Smithtown Youth Bureau  recently held two Open House events at Kings Park High School  to highlight their weekly peer discussion groups which will be held during the seminar period. These groups are designed to help enhance the students' high school experience and to support them throughout the school year. 
Peer group discussions are designed to help the students handle all the new things that may be experienced while in high school, build personal resiliency,  assist with reaching personal goals and prevent issues with substance use & abuse.
The group discussion topics will be based on material from research-based programs such as  Reconnecting Youth, Positive Action and possibly others.
Topics include such things as...
Improving self-esteem;  taking personal responsibility; building wellness & self-control; learning effective communication skills;  developing and maintaining relationships; personal goal setting and others.
The goal is for students to utilize the strategies learned through the program and  apply them to their everyday lives in order to be strong enough to take on anything and 
"Be their Best Self."
This type of supportive programming is also provided at Hauppauge High School along with the availability of substance abuse treatment services, if ever needed.

 Study Skills Program:
Teaches How to Study Smarter....Not Harder!

Now Being Scheduled at Smithtown Township Schools!
Inquire at YOUR school

Study Skills program participants are introduced to, and given opportunity to practice and reinforce new skills through fun, interactive activities.  These programs are extremely popular, and have already been scheduled at several local schools  including;
William T. Rogers Middle School in Kings Park, Nesaquake Middle School and Accompset Middle Schools in Smithtown.
The Middle School Study Skills Program topics include:
  • Effective, realistic studying approaches
  • Elements of successful time management and organizational skills
  • Personal goal setting
  • Valuable test-taking strategies
  • How to deal with classroom and test anxiety, as well as other distractions
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Learning how to use SmartPhone/Tablet apps to supplement studying techniques
The High School Study Skills Boot Camp program includes all of the above topics, delving further into effective note-taking, use of apps, growth mindset,  increased personal responsibility and internal motivation.
Pre and post-tests from previously provided programs documented a significant increase in study skills knowledge in 85% of participants.   These programs were very well-received with student and parent feedback being extremely positive. 

Students and parents may inquire at their school regarding the availability of this program on-site.  School district personnel can email below to schedule the program for interested students.
The Middle School Study Skills Program is offered as a three session, one hour weekly after-school enrichment activity.  The High School Study Skills Boot Camp program is a one-time, 1 1/2 hour program 
This program is provided FREE of charge.  For further information and/or to inquire about scheduling a School Study Skills program for your school, email:

Karen Aldrich:
Cynthia Grimley:

**To see a full list of Youth Bureau programs & Services Click below:

Middle School Study Skills Program participants

Your Township's Youth & Community Alliance..
In Action!!!

Town of Smithtown
Youth & Community Alliance 
It's a GREAT Time to Get Involved!!!

Volunteers Needed...
Be a Community Leader

Adults and High School Students from
Commack, Kings Park, Smithtown & Hauppauge School Districts
 are Always Needed to Participate!!!

NEW Adult & H.S. Students Invited to join.....
Plus...School District Personnel - Community & Faith-Based Organizations, etc.

**Four (4) Upcoming Alliance Meetings...

1. **Healthy Relationships Committee Meeting**
Monday, October 16, 2017
7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Horizons Center Community Room
161 E. Main Street, Smithtown

Click link to see summary of last committee meeting: 

2. **Substance Abuse Committee Meeting**
Monday, October 30, 2017
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Horizons Center Community Room
161 E. Main Street, Smithtown

Click link to see summary of last committee meeting: 

3. **Bullying/Cyberbullying Committee Meeting**
Monday, November 6, 2017
4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Horizons Center Community Room
161 E. Main Street, Smithtown

Click link to see summary of last committee meeting: 

4. **Alliance General Membership Meeting**
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Smithtown Library, Main Branch

C lick link to see summary of last General Membership meeting: 

For more information about the Town of Smithtown
Youth & Community Alliance and/or to register for meetings...

Email Stacey Sanders, Youth Bureau Executive Director:

**Be sure to check this out**

Town of Smithtown
Youth & Community Alliance
Web Site
Newly Updated!!!

Visit the newly updated Alliance  website  from time to time and see where you'll find the most current information on our Alliance, and how you and your family can be more involved in your community.


News From Horizons Counseling & Education Center
"Battling Underage Drinking"

Alcohol is the most widely abused drug by young people and is a persistent problem that requires attention. Most teenagers that drink obtain their alcohol from "social" sources such as friends, family or taking it from a home.  Alcohol is many times easily obtained by young people and it is important to focus on stopping these sources of easy access. 

As an adult, you can choose not serve alcohol to minors and discourage young people from using alcohol.

Research has shown that strong parental disapproval is an important factor in reducing the likelihood that a child will develop a problem with substances later in life.

The Suffolk County Social Host Law is being enforced and individuals over the age of 18 will be prosecuted if they are found guilty of serving alcohol to minors or not taking corrective action to stop an underage drinking party.   A recent example of this law being put into action is a mother from Deer Park who was charged with violation of the Social Host Law after throwing her 17 year old child a birthday party and allowing underage drinking to take place.

If you find out about a party where underage drinking will be occurring, call Suffolk County Police Department's "Cancel the Keg" hotline at (631) 852-KEGS.
An officer will visit the location where the party will be taking place and warn any adults present that the SCPD is aware of the party and will be holding violators accountable.
Your call will remain anonymous.

Open communication - 
With Clear and Honest  Messages -
 About the dangers of alcohol...

 CAN help deter underage drinking

For more information and tools and tips to help, you can do visit:

Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling & Education Center and the Youth Bureau offer an array of evidence-based programs for school districts at no cost. These programs are tailored to the individual schools and can be facilitated in various ways depending on the student body and needs of the population. 

Horizons Counseling & Education Center is an OASAS licensed not-for-profit agency funded to provide  adolescent and adult prevention treatment , and  educational services for drug and alcohol related programs.  

Email Kelly DeVito, Horizons Counseling & Education Center
 for further information about this important community resource:  

Visit the Horizons Web site:

Teaching children how to make sound, age-appropriate choices in a world that sends mixed, complicated messages about who they are supposed to be, is one of our biggest and most important challenges.

A variety of research-based K - 12 prevention programs are available to local school districts and community organizations free of charge.

**For information on all  available Horizons/Youth Bureau Prevention Programs click the link below.

To inquire about scheduling prevention programming contact:

Stacey Sanders, Youth Bureau
Kelly Devito, Horizons Counseling & Education Center

Meet Prize Winner...

**Susan C. from Kings Park**

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us by completing the 
Youth Bureau Parent Survey

Congratulations Susan! Your $25 Target Gift Card is in the Mail
Susan C. lives in Kings Park and  has two school-age children

Recently her children participated in the Youth Bureau's "Ready for School" community service program

She is most interested in the following programs for her children:
-Substance Abuse Prevention
-Physical & Emotional Wellness
-Study Skills, Time Management & Organizational Skills

Susan feels the following are some of the most pressing issues in her community:
-Substance Abuse Prevention
-Assisting Disadvantaged Youth& Families
-Reconnecting Youth to Family & Community
-Education on Family Conflict & Communication Issues

YOU Can Win Too!!

Chance to Win Prizes
for Survey Respondents!!!

Complete the Survey and Submit with Your Email Today!

**This Quarter Survey Respondents Have a Chance to Win...**

FIVE (5) Tickets to for YOUR Family!

Complete our survey and you'll be entered to win tickets to a Long Island Nets game this season!

The Long Island Nets are an American professional basketball team of the NBA G League and an affiliate of the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s Brooklyn Nets.

Based in Nassau County, the team plays its home games at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum,   presented by New York Community Bank in Uniondale, New York.

The venue, also known as NYCB LIVE, is an exciting place to catch a basketball game.  In addition to hosting the Long Island Nets and concerts, NYCB is host to shops, restaurants, a movie theater and a nightclub.

All it takes is just a few minutes to enter our raffle to win 5 free tickets
to an upcoming game!  Don't miss out!

Enter to Win!!!
Parent and Student Surveys
 NOW online!
Assist with our Town-wide  Needs Assessment

Only Takes a Few Moments
 Complete the  Brief Survey....

We are looking for YOUR input!  There are two brief surveys - one for parents and one for students. 

As town residents, your opinions regarding the needs you see in your community are of utmost importance to us!

Please take a few moments to complete the brief survey...
Your input helps us to improve upon our existing programs, and to develop new ones to meet community needs.  
We depend on community input.... PLEASE click on the links below to participate.  The survey only takes a few moments.    Thank you!!!

You have to be
In It...To Win it!!!

Chance to win a prize for your family...
For respondents who complete the very brief survey and
include their email address at the end!

Click Links below to participate:

Town of Smit htown  Youth Bureau's
Volunteer Corps Members 
Helped the  Smithtown Historical Society at the Heritage Country Fair!

GREAT JOB by our Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps members!!!!!

Roughly thirty (30) Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps members had a wonderful opportunity to support the Smithtown Historical Society's Heritage Country Fair.  The event took place on the Historical Society's beautiful grounds on Saturday, September 16th.  

The fair offered the general public interactive activities, demonstrations, music and food for the whole family to enjoy!  Our Volunteer Corps members assisted the Historical Society by providing   activities in the children's area; crafts; temporary tattoos; running games (potato sack, tug of war, etc); setting up; breakdown & closing; admission gate; petting zoo; selling soda & water, etc.

This  wonderful partnership benefited both our Volunteers Corps members looking for Community Service opportunities, as well as the community.  We hope to continue partnering with the Historical Society for future events.  

Town of Smithtown Certificates of Community Service were provided.

Click  Here 
or listing of all Smithtown Historical Society events.

See pics below of Volunteer Corps Volunteers in action at the
 Smithtown Historical Society's 2017 Heritage Country Fair.

Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps

See Link Below
It's Quick & Easy!

Apply to become a volunteer with the Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps.

Complete and submit the online volunteer application by clicking
on the link below:

Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps Membership...

Don't delay....register NOW!

The Smithtown Youth Bureau maintains a  Volunteer Program Database for tracking volunteer information and your volunteer activities.  If you would like to be included in this database, please complete the Online Volunteer Corps Application. 

Registered volunteers will receive early notification of volunteer opportunities with the Youth Bureau, other Town Departments, as well as opportunities with our local partners.

Note:  Please be sure to include any previous volunteer service(s) on your application.

*Adults and students  are invited to register.*

Adults are needed to assist with program supervision and serve on the
Smithtown Youth Advisory Board  and the
 Youth & Community Alliance of Smithtown
(details on our web site)

 Highlighted Youth Bureau Programs
The Smithtown Youth Bureau offers ongoing youth development, prevention and intervention programs for youth and families in the Commack, Kings Park, Hauppauge and Smithtown school districts.  Our popular programs include:
  • Study Skills - Time Management - Organizational Skills
  • Anger/Emotional Management
  • Positive Action -
    Reconnecting Youth -Why Try, etc. (Research-based Prevention Programs)
  • Parent Study Group (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) 
  • Guiding Good Choices (Parenting young children)
  • Upstander Revolution: A Bullying/Cyber Bullying presentation
  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness (SAMHSA)
  • Mindfulness
  • Leadership/Youth Empowerment and Community Service Opportunities
  • Bicycle Safety Rodeos
  • Babysitting Skills/Basic Employment Readiness

Coming Soon!!!!   
"College Readiness Program for High School Students"

Inspire - Learn - Grow
Visit our web site for information on all available programs.

Please contact us for more information, 
 or to schedule a program for your 
school   or  community group.  

Youth Bureau Staff Corner

Welcome to Fall!!!   
From the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau 
We're looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming,
 fun, Fall programs!

October Greetings From...
Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau Staff

Our Partners at...
Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling  Education  Center
*See more information regarding Horizons below


*Town of Smithtown Horizons/Youth Bureau Department

Horizons Counseling and Education Center 
is the Town of Smithtown's program for the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol related problems.  Services include counseling, specialized adolescent and adult treatment groups, and referrals for additional services.  Smithown Horizons and Smithtown Youth Bureau work in collaboration to provide prevention education to school districts and community organizations. 

For information about Horizons services visit their web site:


Youth Bureau Partners:
NYS Office of Children & Family Services, NYS Department of Transportation, Suffolk County Police Department - 4th Precinct, Suffolk County Youth Bureau,  NYS Association of Youth Bureaus, Suffolk County Youth Board Coordinating Council, Smithtown Animal Shelter, Smithtown Recreation Department, Smithtown Parks Department, Long Island Volunteer Center, Smithtown Historical Society,  National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA),Verizon in Smithtown, Target in Commack, Huntington Learning Center in Smithtown, Smithtown Industry Advisory Board,  Commack Coalition of Caring, Smithtown Library System,  Hauppauge Youth & Community Coalition, Kings Park in the k NO w, Smithtown Children's Foundation, Kings Park Council of Schools, Communities of Solution, League of Women, Voters, Smithtown Food Pantry,  Partners in Prevention, Project9line, Lessings at Smithtown Landing Country Club,
 and many others.

Useful Links:
Hauppauge-Smithtown Macaroni Kid  is a free, weekly e-newsletter and website for parents.   Each week they share articles, events, discounts, and giveaways for families with children of all ages.   They even have giveaways just for moms and dads!     Sign up for your free subscription!

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