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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Saturday, July 15th 7pm
Neighbourhood Church, Nanaimo

Saturday, June 3rd 8pm
Lighthouse Community Hall

Thursday, October 12th
Qualicum Civic Centre

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 Sunday, June 18th 

Join us for music, cars and fun in the village.

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This month we celebrate our wonderful Dads and Grandfathers on Father's Day. We've got some terrific gift suggestions for the men in your life. We also have some great books to inspire graduates as they embark on all that lies ahead of them. 


Our staff have been doing our spring reading too, and have read and recommend the books in the Staff Picks section. We'd love to chat with you more next time you are in either store about books we've read and loved....just ask us!


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Happy reading,
Barb & Tom
Tom's Pick
Murder in Matera
by Helene Stapinski

"From a very early age Helene Stapinski had heard tales about her great grandmother Vita, who was described as a loose woman, and had committed a murder. This is a true story about a family's hidden secrets. Combining history, culture, and a mystery, Stapinski has written an entertaining story of her 10 year search for the truth, a story of passion, family, and forgiveness."

Barb's Pick
Into the Gray Zone
By Adrian Owen

author has spent the last 25 years pioneering breakthroughs in brain science.  In this book, he describes his early work in determining that as many as 20% of brain-injured patients who have been diagnosed as "brain dead" or are in a vegetative state and non-responsive to outside stimuli, are, in fact, very much alive in the gray zone.

He and his colleagues developed ways to communicate with these patients  who are adrift, with intact minds, within damaged brains and bodies.
In 2006, Professor Owen led a team that discovered this lost population and made medical history, provoking an ongoing debate among scientists, physicians, and philosophers about the definition of consciousness and when it begins.

This is a fascinating read, written in lay language, with moving stories of the patients he has connected with. 
I give this amazing book 5 stars  - one that everyone should read!"

Leigh's Pick
After James
By Michael Helm

Releasing in paperback August 2017. Reserve a copy here

After James is an audacious, masterful novel, told in three connected parts, each gesturing toward a type of genre fiction -- the gothic horror, the detective novel, and the apocalyptic. As the novel unfolds in great cities, remote regions, and deadly borderlands, it weaves connections both explicit and subtle, pulling us deeper into a greater mystery that has come to define our times.

intriguing and wonderfully written!

Jan's Pick
A Killer in King's Cove
By Iona Whishaw

" Lane Winslow is an ex-intelligence operative haunted by her experiences in World War 2 Europe.  She moves to a tiny spot in BC not far from Nelson and is promptly embroiled in a murder.  This is the first book in a series featuring this smart, savvy, woman and the neighbors in her small hamlet : a shell-shocked World War 1 veteran,  the local post-mistress and her husband, an elderly spinster and her two daughters, a remittance man and his family, an American songwriter, the local detective and his caring and over-eager constable, a local prospector.  But which of them would commit murder?  And why is the only thing in the dead man's pockets a scrap of paper with her name on it?"

Carol's Pick

Canada: 150 Panoramas
by George Fischer

"This stunning book devotes a chapter to each province and territory in Canada.  Primarily a photography book, this book shows off the natural beauty of Canada.  Absolutely gorgeous photographs, a little bit of history (a page per chapter) and in a small enough format to fit comfortably in the bottom of a suitcase or sit on a small coffee table."

Life Skills
by Nic Compton, Kim Davies & Dave Martin
Stuff Every Graduate Should Know
by Alyssa Favreau


Letter to the Graduate
by Lea Redmond
Sukie Travel Journal
The Ultimate Student Cookbook: From Chicken to Chili by Tiffany Goodall
The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook

To all the 2017 graduates,

we salute you!



From all of us at 

The Mulberry Bush Bookstore



The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
by Arundhati Roy

A dazzling new novel by the internationally celebrated author of 

The tale begins with Anjum - who used to be Aftab-unrolling a threadbare Persian carpet in a city graveyard she calls home. We encounter the odd, unforgettable Tilo and the men who loved her - including Musa, sweetheart and ex-sweetheart, lover and ex-lover; their fates are as entwined as their arms used to be and always will be. We meet Tilo's landlord, a former suitor, now an intelligence officer posted to Kabul. And then we meet the two Miss Jebeens: the first, a child born in Srinagar and buried in its overcrowded Martyrs' Graveyard; the second found at midnight, abandoned on a concrete sidewalk in the heart of New Delhi. 
by Michael Harris
Award-winning author Michael Harris examines why our experience of solitude has become so impoverished, and how we may grow to love it again in the frenzy of our digital landscape. Solitude  is an optimistic and encouraging story about discovering true quiet inside the city, inside the crowd, inside our busy and urbane lives. Harris guides readers away from a life of ceaseless pings toward a state of measured connectivity, one that balances solitude and companionship. 
by Courtney Maum

Sloane Jacobsen is one of the world's most powerful trend forecasters (she was the foreseer of "the swipe"), and global fashion, lifestyle, and tech companies pay to hear her opinions about the future. Her recent forecasts on the family are unwavering: the world is over-populated, and with unemployment, college costs, and food prices all on the rise, having children is an extravagant indulgence.
A poignant and amusing call to arms that showcases her signature biting wit and keen eye, Courtney Maum's new book is a moving investigation into what it means to be an individual in a globalized world.
Dragon Teeth
by Michael Crichton

The year is 1876. Warring Indian tribes still populate America's western territories even as lawless gold-rush towns begin to mark the landscape. In much of the country it is still illegal to espouse evolution. Against this backdrop two monomaniacal paleontologists pillage the Wild West, hunting for dinosaur fossils, while surveilling, deceiving and sabotaging each other in a rivalry that will come to be known as the Bone Wars.
Anxiety for Beginners
by Eleanor Morgan

In  Anxiety for Beginners ,  Morgan digs even deeper, combining her own experiences, rendered in achingly honest, often hilarious detail, with extensive research and input from experts (neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychologists and fellow sufferers -including some familiar faces). With her brilliant wit and warmth, Morgan not only explores the roots of her own anxiety, but also investigates what might be contributing to the suffering of so many of us around the world. 

At its heart,  Anxiety for Beginners  is a book about acceptance, as Morgan uncovers how we can live lives that are not just manageable but enjoyable, by learning to accept anxiety as part of who we are, rather than wasting years being ashamed of it.
A Dog's Way Home
by W. Bruce Cameron

Lucas Ray is shocked when an adorable puppy jumps out of an abandoned building and into his arms. Though the apartment he shares with his mother, a disabled veteran, doesn't allow dogs, Lucas can't resist taking Bella home.

Bella is inexplicably drawn to Lucas, even if she doesn't understand the necessity of games like No Barks. As it becomes more difficult to hide her from the neighbors, Lucas begins to sneak Bella into the VA where he works. There, Bella brings joy and comfort where it is needed most.








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