A Good SharePoint Dashboard = Fast Dashboard
As we know a dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance. This usually requires connecting to and aggregating data from various data sources into one consolidated view.

A common solution in SP is using multiple “roll-up” web parts on a page, each running some query to retrieve & display required data.

The problem with this solution is that when you locate multiple “roll-up” web parts performing real-time aggregation on a SharePoint page, it significantly impacts the SharePoint page load time and affects the overall WFE servers’ performance.

This causes your great-looking dashboard
to stop from serving its single purpose:
providing at a glance (=quick) view!
slow SharePoint dashboard
How can I overcome this limitation?
In most dashboard use-cases, users do not need to see real-time information as the data itself does not change by the minute. So instead of overloading your WFE servers with multiple real-time, heavy aggregations you better choose a different strategy:

  • Aggregate and process data offline; display cached data on your dashboard
  • Perform the “heavy” aggregation process on a backend server; leave your WFE resources available for faster user request handling.

But how can this be done?
This is where KWizCom comes to the rescue!
List Aggregator Pro for SP 2013-2019 includes a configurable back-end service “Enterprise Aggregation Caching Feature” that allows you to create multiple cross site-collection and cross web-application aggregation rules. These rules are processed offline, at your configured periods, and the result data is cached for super fast retrieval and display.
The Result?

No matter how many “rollup” views and aggregated KPIs are displayed, the dashboard pages will load 10X faster, truly providing the desired at-a-glance dashboard view!
And…your WFEs resources will not be used anymore to run heavy aggregation queries, enabling a faster response time to all other user requests!
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