Calendar Plus (SPFx)
Unlimited multiple data-source overlay!
In the recent release of the Calendar Plus App version,
we've made major enhancements many customers have been waiting for!
SharePoint calendar Plus connects to various data sources
More Data-sources

You can now connect calendar plus web part to so many data source types, supporting all business requirements:
  • SharePoint list
  • Cross-site aggregation
  • SharePoint search API
  • Exchange calendar (graph API)
  • Groups calendar (graph API)
  • MS Excel files
Overlay multiple data-sources - True, dynamic overlay!
Not just SharePoint and Exchange calendars, and NOT limited to 10 static calendars! By using the SharePoint Search api data-source for example, you can aggregate hundreds of calendars across your entire tenant!
overlay multiple data-sources SharePoint
SharePoint Online calendar overlay
More power to end-user

With additional controls such as dynamic filters and conditional formatting, end-users can easily find the exact events they are looking for!
Check out the Calendar Plus app (SPFx) online documentation for more info.
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