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February 3, 2017

***A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY from Augsburg Fortress!***

Your church can (and probably 'should') host a Reformation BookStore.

Please click here for more information.
NOTE: The deadline to sign up is February 15.
You will receive several FREE books to keep, to share, or to give away.
You will receive FREE resources, FREE shipping and SPECIAL savings for your congregation.  SIGN UP TODAY.
If you have any questions at all, please send me an email and ask. We have done this at Hope in Fresno and it is EASY! There are NO expectations that you will sell anything. You cannot fail! You just promise to host your BookStore twice between Feb. 26-Apr 1. Two times, maybe 30 minutes each time. 

*****Martin Luther thinks this Bookstore is one GREAT idea, 
well worth nailing to your church door!

If you just can't pull it together to host a BookStore, we understand. Your Synod Resource Center has been granted permission to offer you the same discounted prices. For me to place orders on time, all orders must be received by the Resource Center, including your check to cover the cost for the books (we will pay the tax and the shipping from us to you), NO LATER THAN Thursday, March 30th. Please click here to see the books offered and the cost Augsburg is asking for them. 
Make your checks payable to: 
"SPS Resource Center" write BookStore in the memo line, and mail your order to: 
Janet Lane, Director
Sierra Pacific Synod Resource Center
2311 E Shaw Ave.
Fresno, CA 93710

Please include your email address and/or phone number so that I can confirm all orders.
We want to help Martin help Augsburg Fortress help YOU!

Preparing for Lent?
We have some ideas to share.

This beautiful and small, full-color devotional takes you through Lent with daily readings from Martin Luther's Small Catechism. Each reading is accompanied by a photo, a quote to ponder, reflection, and prayer.  Free Indeed  invites you to reflect on Martin Luther's guide to the basics of Christian faith during the Lenten season, and within the observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
**Limited quantity available. Cost is $2 each and $5 each for Large Print Edition. There is also a digital edition available at $2 each. Please  click here to order your copies directly from Augsburg Fortress, to assure they are available and arrive on time.

We also have the  Book of Faith Lenten Journey , a series of 5 studies for Lent.
Each study is a 40-day journey that can be studied on your own, or with a friend, small group or congregation.

The 5 Studies are:
Beyond Question explores questions that Jesus uses to change the lives and deepen the discipleship of those who follow him, including you and me.
Water Marks invites you into the reality that God's Word is water-marked, as you hear and experience a myriad of Bible passages about water.
Seven Wonders of the Word  explores seven active themes. We are: created, called, commanded, saved, sustained, shaped and sent.
Marks of the Christian are not God's must-do list for our lives, they are God's work IN us, through His love and grace.
40 Days with the Lord's Prayer  unpacks the ten lines of this prayer, so that it can become a roadmap on our journey to a deeper relationship with God through Christ.

If you are interested in borrowing any of these to explore or use, just send me an email and ask.

+++Please note, our website is updated and active once again+++

Great Resources for Changing your Approach to Stewardship

Preaching Stewardship
In addition to carrying the wonderful book, Preaching Stewardship, by Bishop Craig Satterlee, we also have the companion DVD video presentation along with notes and copies of powerpoint slides as handouts. This resource is great for individual study, for group study with other pastors or with lay leaders, such as your Congregations Stewardship Team, or a wonderful resource for workshops. Let me know if you are interested in looking these excellent materials over. Stewardship education is always best when it is a continual focus, and not a once a year event. One thing Bishop Satterlee stresses, is that money should be talked about every time Jesus talks about money in our Gospel reading. His insights and ideas are remarkable and are highly recommended for any congregation wanting to try something a little different. Change is good, right?

AND we still have some copies of this available for check out:

  Imagine a New Economy , by John D. Herman, is a study guide intended for use by small groups and individuals who want to wrestle with the struggle between heart and treasure. The series is designed to immerse participants in the biblical readings which deal with our relationship to and use of our money and possessions. The daily readings, questions, and prayers provide the opportunity for a continued interplay between the participant, the Word, and the Spirit. The reflective questions at the end of each of the 13 chapters invited discussion and interaction within a small group. Along with small groups, this study can be used in several creative ways; a year-long stewardship study for your Stewardship Team; a worship or educational series about stewardship, generosity, simplicity, money or materialism; a senior HS ministry focus on life goals and pursuits; and more!

"This is an intriguing invitation to engage a new economy as described by God through Scripture  and based on the core beliefs that everything belongs to God and all is a gift from God.  As followers of God's word, we are entrusted with living into this new economy through our daily decisions and the conversations we have in community with others." 
-Keith A. Mundy, Program Director, Stewardship (ELCA)

Send an email to me at the  Resource Center, asking for Imagine a New Economy to get your hands on this new and thought provoking book, published in 2016! Each day I come in to the Resource Center I read another of the entries, I have yet to be disappointed!

Send me an email if you would like to check any of these out, for personal, group, or congregational use:


Luther's Small Catechism pamphlets are still available for you.
We purchase these for y ou and your congregations. 
With the year of Reformation 500 here,  this is a great time to have a class on  Luther's Small Catechism.  We'll supply you with Luther's words! 
Just ask, via email at
To date we have sent out over 2,000 Small Catechism pamphlets. 
Join the excitement, as our Presiding, Elizabeth Eaton, suggested by 
"dusting off the catechism and taking another look at the basics of our faith." 
Many of our Sierra Pacific Synod congregations will be using the Small Catechism for a Lenten study. Be a part of 'taking another look at the basics of our faith!'

And, if you want to go beyond our free offering,  Augsburg Fortress now offers Luther's Small Catechsim, Study Edition: a  translation of Luther's explanation along with other study helps such as prayers, worship rites and Luther's introduction. This edition uses the NRSV and the  Evangelical Lutheran Worship texts for the wording of the Ten Commandments, Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, and the included worship rItes. This anniversary study edition includes a letter from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. a revised introduction by Timothy Wengert and features new illustrations by artist Gerturd Meuller Nelson. 

***And don't forget***

 You can download the FREE "Luther's Small Catechism" App on your iphone and android devices. 
It comes in BOTH English and Spanish! Get this on your smart phone! 

We appreciate your calls and e-mails about resources!

The Resource Center is your lending library! You are helping us to do a better job when you recommend the specific resources you are looking for.  Keep telling us what you want, at   This is how we know what to purchase.

Please note that the  Synod Resour ce Center of the Sierra Pacific Synod  is eligible to receive your Choice Dollars from Thrivent Financial. 
We are sincerely grateful to Thrivent Financial and those individuals who designate their Choice Dollars to us for the support of the Synod Resource Center.  THANK YOU! 
For more information  email Janet  or contact your Thrivent Representative.
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