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February 2015

Alliance Exclusive
Save Even More with Classic Party Rentals
Alliance Purchasing Cooperative members can save $100 on any rental order of $500 or more placed with Classic Party Rentals by March 31. This special promotion is in addition to the minimum 10% savings Classic already offers through their Alliance Purchasing Cooperative contract.

And to go one step further, you can also provide the gift certificate to anyone that rents your facility for their own event, so long as they make their purchase before March 31.

Click here to download the $100 Gift Certificate to use at any of Classic's 30 locations. And if you have questions please email the Cooperative Support Team or call them at 240-813-1170 ext 1.
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Energy Market at Historic Lows
5 Energy Advisor's Quarterly Energy Report
by Jon Moore
Partner, 5 Energy Advisors

Our last quarterly report started with the statement "The speed and scope of changes in the energy market continues to astound us."  The trend continues as crude oil prices have fallen even further in Q4.  




So what does this mean for your institution? Now may be the time to lock in current electricity and natural gas rates.


To learn more about how 5 Energy Advisors can help your institution control its energy procurement cost, contact Jon Moore at or 202-422-2582.


Click here to read the full Q4 Energy Report.


In with the New, Recycle the Old
3 Great Reminders for Recycling Your Old Supplies and Equipment in the New Year



The start of a new year can bring many changes. It's an ideal time to think about what needs to be refreshed in the office, from replacing old technology to cleaning out desks and files for a fresh start.  It's also an ideal time to think about sustainability while embracing the "out with the old."


If you've been busy cleaning out your desk, or looking to make some upgrades to supplies and equipment in 2015, here are three things to keep in mind to ensure you take care of the environment while taking care of yourself too.


And if you're interested in learning more about the Staples Advantage program through the Alliance Purchasing Cooperative, including their recycling services, contact Beth Wolinski at

Is It Time to Peel Back the Layers of Your Vendor Portfolio?
Drive measurable savings and reduce risk through more strategic vendor sourcing
by Tom Rogers CPA
CEO, Vendor Centric

Over time, organizations can accumulate a lot of vendor relationships. Employees oftentimes have their own preferences as to the vendors they work with. But is building layers and layers of vendors really in the best interest of the organization? Or is it unnecessarily costing time and money that would be better used elsewhere.


This month's article is about one nonprofit organization that found out how much their layers of vendor relationships were really costing them (hint: a lot more than they realized), and what they did to right the ship. 


Click here to read the full article.

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