February 2022 Newsletter
Greetings Momentum and Bounce Families!

A few friendly reminders as we approach competition:
  • Tournament schedules are not guaranteed to us until the Wednesday prior -- we keep checking frequently and will circulate the schedules as soon as we receive them
  • Team Snap is now live for everyone -- Parents/Guardians: if you are having trouble logging in, just confirm you are the athlete versus creating a new account under your own name
  • We are using Team Snap for group messaging only - all practice and tournament schedules live on the website at the links at the bottom of this email
  • Unfortunately the remaining Bounce hoodies are arriving in waves - we are passing them out as soon as they arrive
  • For those of you missing practice t-shirts, we have made another order and will pass these out as they arrive
  • Some venues outside of Illinois are making masks "highly recommended," but we will continue to follow our program policy of mandatory

If at any point you have a question, the best way to reach me is via email at matt@clubmomentum.com or texting me at 312-504-4697.
Bounce - Orlando AAU Logistics

Hotels: The hotel room block that we secured is now closed. This is NOT a stay to play event, so if you haven't booked your room yet, you're able to do so on your own on whichever property you prefer. If you are not within the room block, please send me your accommodations once you have booked.

Birth Certificates: As part of the registration process, we must present copied of player birth certificates. Please email me a copy of yours so we can have these collected far in advance.

Flights: Once you have booked your flights, please also send me your itineraries so I can keep track of when athletes are arriving and monitor flight statuses. Below is a reminder of the days to arrive and depart for each team:
  • Bounce 13 Red, Bounce 14s
  • Arrive June 14
  • Compete June 15-18
  • Depart June 18 (later flights preferred as this is the day tournament play wraps up in the AM)

  • Bounce 15 Red
  • Arrive June 18
  • Compete June 19-22
  • Depart June 22 (later flights preferred as this is the day tournament play wraps up in the AM)

  • Bounce 18 Red
  • Arrive June 22
  • Compete June 23-26
  • Depart June 26 (later flights preferred as this is the day tournament play wraps up in the AM)

Note: If you are NOT planning to attend this event, please let me know ASAP!
COVID Protocol Reminder
A friendly reminder of our COVID protocol:
  • Masks are required except when eating or drinking
  • If your athlete is experiencing symptoms, please do not send them to practice
  • If your athlete has been positively diagnosed, and attended practice, please let me know immediately
  • We will then alert the team (name of positive diagnosis not revealed)
  • To return to practice, the team must display a negative test results, OR be symptom free for 5-days

If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.
Tournament and Practice Schedules
We have loaded both the tournament and practice schedules to our website.
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