June 2019
A Note from our Executive Director

Dear friend,

“Find out where joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all.”
 – Robert Louis Stevenson

Where does your joy reside? For me, it is a walk on the bluffs, a moving piece of music, dancing, learning something new, figuring out a puzzle, making a new friend. IVYP is beginning a strategic planning process. We started by defining our values. One of mine is joy. It is not enough to only meet our families’ basic needs. Certainly, those are important, but everybody also deserves joy. We are striving to create a community where each child and each family has what the need to succeed. We are also working to build a community that fosters joy.

What does joy look like at IVYP? It’s families celebrating mother’s day with a mariachi band in the Isla Vista Community Room. It’s kindergartners demonstrating their artwork in a art exhibit. It’s children in our Children’s Center giggling with one another as they explore. I wish you a joyful summer.

I hope to see you at one of our upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Lori Goodman
Executive Director
UCSB Give Sale Connects the IV Community

The UCSB Give Sale connects our community through volunteerism, generosity, and philanthropy. This community wide sale collects donations of goods from all across the Isla Vista Community and gives the directly to local non-profits. As a volunteer you choose the date, length of time and organization that you want to receive benefits. We will receive funds based on the number of hours volunteers worked on behalf of IVYP.

Dates and times available to volunteer are:

June 12 - June 21 8am - 8pm
June 22 7:30am - 7pm
June 23 7:30am - 7pm

To sign up as a volunteer contact Viviana Marsano

For more information check out the Give Sale website
Food Distribution Seeks Summer Volunteers

The work of our Family Resource Center is at the core of IVYP's vision to foster a resilient Goleta Valley Community. Our monthly food distribution is a vital component of this work. While we are always looking for helping hands, during the summer months we often struggle filling volunteer positions normally occupied by UCSB students. Volunteering at the food distribution is a unique opportunity to see first hand the impact of IVYP. The summer food distribution schedule is:

July 11, 2019
August 1, 2019
September 5, 2019

To see the full schedule for the next year click here.
For volunteer info contact Ana Maya.

Staff Spotlight - Juan Quesada

 "Something I always remember my favorite teacher saying was, “Every 5 years the way you think will be a lot different than the way you think now”. It is because of that quote that as a teen I would always think twice before making a bad choice. I would always ask myself “will the me in 5 years regret that I did this.” It is because of him that always try to make decisions that that I will be proud of 5 years from now. "

Read more here
United Way Day of Caring

Mark your calendars! On September 14 The United Way will be holding it's 2 8th annual Day of Caring event. Last year, over 50 different Santa Barbara County sites received help from over 1,000 volunteers with projects that included painting, landscaping, repairs, and much more! The value of these improvements and donated labor is estimated at $300,000. We are so grateful to United Way for their continued support of nonprofits in our county.

Contact the United Way of Santa Barbara County for more information as it's available and be sure to look out for IVYP to donate your time!

Harvest of the month

Each month we share a healthy, easy and affordable recipe to try that highlights ingredients you can get at our monthly food distribution on the first Thursday of every month. This month we are highlighting quinoa. Quinoa (keen-wah) is an ancient grain from South America that is protein rich, gluten free, and oh so delicious! We love this recipe because it highlights some of our favorite summer produce and is super easy and affordable to make. Only six ingredients! Let us know what you think!

Read the full recipe here!
IVYP in the News
“I like to think of it as a community center without walls,” says Lori Goodman about Isla Vista Youth Projects (IVYP), where she is executive director. “It’s about families and children and community.” Thank you to Roger Durling and The Santa Barbara Independent for a fantastic article!

Get Involved with IVYP
Spend time in the classroom. Our Children's Center, infant care, and after school elementary programs all love to have volunteers come to spend time with the children.
To learn more call Liz at
Help feed our community by volunteering at our monthly food distribution. Next opportunity to help is Thursday, July 11!
To learn more call Ana at
Ready to roll up your sleeves? Our sites are always in need of helping hands! We have projects ranging from painting, to yard clean up.
To learn more call Juan at
Isla Vista Youth Projects

Administrative offices
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Children's Center
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After School and Summer Enrichment Program
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Family Resource Center
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