Congregation Beth Israel
all donations matched dollar for dollar
through March 31, 2021!
When CBI’s New Synagogue Project was conceived 20 years ago, we had already outgrown our quaint and cherished shul on Broadway. Since moving to the new synagogue in March 2018, the blessings and benefits of a more spacious, efficient building have been abundantly clear—more congregants, more comfort, more programming, more celebration, etc.
It was a daunting undertaking for a small congregation (only 150 member families at the outset!), and because we didn’t raise all the funds needed before breaking ground, construction was done in phases and took extra time. But, thanks to our extraordinary volunteers and the incredible financial and moral support from our congregants and a few key “friends of CBI”, we were able to raise over $8 million and create an impressive campus and synagogue—a home to CBI for the 21st century and beyond. 
"Our home on San Juan Blvd is not only a sacred space for current and future generations to study, celebrate, and worship, but it is also a symbol of Jewish permanence in the Pacific Northwest. Just as those who came before us ensured that we had a place to gather, now it is our turn to leave a legacy for those yet to join our community."           Rabbi Joshua Samuels
Now in its final phase, and facing a permitting deadline for the landscaping of mid-February 2021, the project requires a final round of funding. We estimate that another $700,000 would meet the entire remaining need, comprised of the following items:
YET TO BE COMPLETED              EST. COST                
Landscaping & Memorial Garden      $250,000
Main Floor Commercial Kitchen          150,000
Additional Security Measures ............ 150,000 –outdoor lighting, fencing, safety glass in sanctuary
Dept. Homeland Security Grant           (50,000) –expected grant—special program for non-profits
Bima Furnishings to go with the Ark     30,000
Acoustic Improvements .                          30,000
Other Key Furnishings & Misc...............90,000
Kesher Playground Equipment     .          50,000
                                  Total Needed....     $700,000
However, thanks to a proposal from an anonymous donor, all donations to the New Synagogue Fund received through the end of March 2021 will be matched dollar for dollar*, doubling the impact of every gift and making our actual fundraising goal just $350,000—ambitious but doable—over the next few months. 
We are counting on everyone to consider helping us meet this challenge—both those who have already contributed (THANK YOU!!) and those who may not yet have had the opportunity to support the New Synagogue Project. Every gift will have an immediate and visible impact! 
There are various ways to contribute. You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly payment schedule. You can pay by check or credit card, on the CBI website or through the CBI office. Some donors are eligible to make charitable donations direct from their IRAs. Donations of appreciated securities (stock or mutual fund shares) are easy to process and also very tax-efficient. 
"My family has been a part of CBI for almost 25 years. Our daughter, Jaime, grew up in this inspirational, caring community. While we were thrilled to hold her Bat Mitzvah 12 years ago in the old building, I am truly gratified to see how ceremonies and celebrations have evolved in the new synagogue. It makes me happy to welcome all the new and long-standing members to such a great and accessible space. Volunteering and donating to support the New Synagogue has been an especially meaningful experience that has only strengthened my connection to the CBI community.”                    Lynn Korner
More information about the New Synagogue Project chronology, fundraising and more is available on the CBI website ( under the “Our Building” tab. For other information in general or for answers to your specific questions including more on ways to donate, please contact one of the Capital Campaign Committee members listed below. 
We hope you will join us with an investment in CBI’s future while your gift will go twice as far. Thank you in advance for your support!!
The Capital Campaign Committee:    
    Steven Garfinkle        360-920-9169  cell/text
    Lynn Korner    .............     360-224-5293  cell/text
    Karen Sloss ..................    360-319-7258  cell/text
    Miriam Schwartz, Ex Officio   360-319-5197  cell/text
* To honor all recent donors to the New Synagogue Fund, gifts made since May 2020 will also be matched $ for $.   However, purchases of Brick Pavers or Mezzuzot do not qualify for the match.