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February 7, 2013


Greetings JJP Fans,  


Every day brings more progress and excitement as we make our way to shipping production games. In this past week our game at the lab passed all of the EMC Compliance Testing.


Every week we receive new code as Keith and now his Team work their way through to completion.


It's looking good for production games to be shipping around mid March. Customers will be getting e mails regarding production and shipping dates and the video of Jack doing cartwheels as games leave the building is much anticipated.


We are extremely excited to announce Jeff Busch as our Artist for The Hobbit Pinball Machine. Jeff has already been working on the game and we can show the beginning of his work. In the same idea as on WOZ, the left side of The Hobbit begins with the first movie and will wrap its way around to the right side with the assets of the second and third movie.    


Jeff said, "I'm very excited to be joining the JJP Team! To be part of a group of such incredibly talented people with so many years' experience under their collective belt is a dream come true. And the fact that "The Hobbit" is my first game with them is just the Middle-Earth icing on the cake".  


Jeff made his mark on the pinball industry with games like Baywatch, Pinball Magic, Batman Forever, and Apollo 13. To see some of Jeff's work visit,


JP deWin is working his magic on animation for The Hobbit as he did for WOZ and we will show some of that tease in the next few days.  


JP says, "I'm very happy to continue my work for JJP and I'm looking forward to work on The Hobbit. Being a huge Lord of the Rings fan, The Hobbit for me is a great theme to work with. Can it get any better? Working in Pinball and animating Middle Earth!

I've learned a lot during the Wizard of Oz project. There's so many possibilities with the screen, they're endless. I'm glad I can now further explore how we can make even better use of the LCD".

WOZ Animation - Twister
WOZ Animation - Twister


We are also pleased to announce Ted Estes as a JJP Software Programmer. Ted will assist Keith in finishing up WOZ as well as The Hobbit. Ted is well known in the industry for his work on games like Twilight Zone, Demolition Man, and Road Show.Click here to view a write up about Ted Estes on Pinball News.
For those who have pre-ordered a Limited Edition Hobbit Pinball Machine, please check your payment schedule as you may have a payment due on or before 2/15. We are closing in on the 1,000 sold mark and now in releasing artwork we expect more to be sold.

Jack has recently returned from an unbelievable amusement show in London, EAG. The Pinball Heaven/Jersey Jack Pinball booth (as well as the surrounding aisles) were packed with people throughout the entire show. Jack said, "We received an overwhelming positive response to the game. The show could not have gone better unless I had games to give to people right then and there."


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Left Cabinet Artwork



EAG - Nonstop Action at the Pinball Heaven/Jersey Jack Pinball Booth
Photo Courtesy of

EAG -Left to right- JP de Win, Mark Robinson and Darren Ball of the Northern Lights show, Jack
Photo Courtesy of

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   Photo Credit: Martin Ayub of Pinball News

Left to Right: Top Row - Joe Balcer, JP DeWin, Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Keith Johnson, Bryan Hansen

Bottom Row: Butch Peel, Eric Meunier, Jack Guarnieri, Not Pictured - Jim Thornton



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