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After a super busy last few weeks, I have a lot to exciting developments I'd like to share with everyone.

After years of research and development, the IMS Solution is ready for prime time. We're very proud of all our hard work and so should you. It's the first fundamental design change that eliminates the problematic ball-bearing design.

Our third generation of Performer M96 engines are ready for purchase. With larger piston cylinder combinations developed exclusively for us by LN Engineering, we can now deliver 3.8 liters of fire-breathing performance from your 3.2 or 3.4 and 4.0 liters from a 3.6.

We're also now accepting reservations for 4.2 liter 9A1 engines for 2009 and later Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models and 5.0 Cayenne V8 engines for 2003-2006 models.

Just last week we had our largest M96 101 Engine Rebuild class over a four day period with 20 attendees. Our expanded curriculum was an overwhelming success and we're planning another four day summit for late spring or early summer 2013 with exact dates to be determined later.

Each year we close the week between Christmas and New Years so we can spend valuable time with our families. This year we will shut down from 12/21/2012 -1/3/2013.

We're wide open and there are even greater things to come in 2013 with the release of my M96 Engine Bible, newly patented assembly tools and more performance and reliability than ever before!.

Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development 

IMS Solution Debut

Details released in Panorama


Make sure that you grab next month's issue of Panorama Magazine, the monthly publication from the Porsche Club of America.

For Sale

CPO 3.4 996 Engine
Certified Pre-owned 3.4. Better than used. Completely disassembled, major wear components were replaced including chains, main and rod bearings, and fitted with IMS Retrofit. A cost effective for those on a budget.

Almost Freshly Rebuilt 3.4 996 Engine

Based off a factory remanufactured 3.4 996 engine originally built in 2010 with less than 5,000 miles, we built a track ready 3.4 with ARP rod bolts and carrier bolts, coated bearings, billet tensioner paddle and oil pump drive, upgraded lifters, rebuilt heads with performance valve springs, backdated IMS (IMS Solution ready - currently fitted with single-row IMS Retrofit), among other upgrades. Engine has about 8,000 street miles on it and was used for testing of the IMS Solution.
Stage 1 3.6 to 3.8 Engine
Due to customer default, we have one of our stage 1 3.8 engines in stock, ready to ship. Featuring LN Engineering Nickies, IMS Upgrade, and ARP rod bolts, normally our wait list goes out 6 months for one of our creations. Don't miss out on this opportunity. 
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Featured Engine Failures

This one didn't suffer a catastrophic failure... yet. Carl bought his 2002 996 sight unseen and had the car shipped to us directly before even taking possession of the vehicle. He opted to do the IMS bearing retrofit as an elective procedure. Good thing. This bearing had possibly minutes of life left, burnt with coked and sludged oil from overheating and final stanges of IMS bearing failure.

Watch this video of M96 Mode of Failure #24, just documented in the last month.

M96 Mode Of Failure #24 by Flat 6 Innovations
M96 Mode Of Failure #24 by Flat 6 Innovations
This 1999 Porsche 996 was being driven down the highway and suddenly died. Engine had all the symptoms of an IMS Bearing failure, but upon inspection, the bearing was found to be intact. We discovered that if the engine was turned over, the cams would not move on either bank, not just one, which would indicate a broken chain. We always suspected this could happen, but here is the proof. The IMS sprocket separated from the IMS. Game over.
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The IMS Solution is here!
No moving parts. No ball bearing. No problem.


Knowing the single row bearing is undersized for this application, LN Engineering and Flat 6 Innovations have secretly been working on a solution (pre-dating the introduction of the single row bearing IMS Retrofit kit) to the bearing failures experienced in model year 2000 through 2005 intermediate shafts

using the single row ball-bearing, dubbed the IMS Solution.


Prevent costly engine failure by eliminating the problematic ball-bearing by backdating your IMS with a pressure fed oil lubricated plain bearing just like an aircooled Porsche. This patent pending design is the last IMS bearing retrofit you will ever need.


In the past few weeks we've had the opportunity to put the "IMS Solution" into the hands of two well-respected individuals for the first time. Here are their quotes from the first time they laid eyes on it in production quality form:
"Brilliant"- Lake Speed Jr. (Joe Gibbs Racing)
"Jake, this changes it all." (Tony Callas- Callas Rennsport) 

"Brilliantly simple." (Pete Stout- Past Editor-in-Chief Excellence Magazine, Editor-in-Waiting Porsche Panorama Magazine)


As an exclusive distributor for the IMS Solution, we are offering for a limited time only a $500 discount to our customers who have carried out an IMS bearing retrofit procedure at Flat 6 Innovations or have one of our engines that utilize LN Engineering's triple bearing IMS Upgrade. 

Want the IMS Solution for your Boxster or 911 vehicle??? Now scheduling installs for 2013! Email here for the details
IMS Solution goes to Canada
6788 miles covered in eight days. Starting in Cleveland, GA, LN Engineering's 1999 Porsche Boxster began its journey ending in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, then to turn around and go back taking the most grueling route possible. Co-pilot and co-developer of the IMS Solution, Charles Navarro of LN Engineering, accompanied Jake Raby on this historic trek.


Sold exclusively by LN Engineering
The first line of defense against IMS Bearing Failures has been improved with the following features:
- Magnetic Chip Detecting Sensor utilizes the OEM Porsche drain plug sealing ring.
- Extended wire lengths for the MCD Sensor.
- MCD Harness now connects to main wire harness using a superior GM Weatherpack connector.
-External 12 volt output circuit to drive remotely located warning lights and buzzers to increase driver awareness while on the track or when driving with the top down.
-Improved video instructions and special 26mm socket for ease of installation
-Sr. unit provides dash integration with factory switch for model year 1997 through 2004 vehicles
-Jr. unit provides a universal fit for all model years with a M96 or M97 engine 1997 through 2008 with a simplified design and installation.
IMSG Packaged
Pictured here is a complete, ready to install IMS Guardian Engine Failure Detection System. 

The IMS Guardian system constantly monitors the levels of ferromagnetic wear metal within your engine that are produced by failing IMS Bearings as well as eleven other modes of documented engine failure. When these levels reach unsafe levels the driver is alerted with visual and audible warnings. This allows the engine to be shut down before collateral damages occur to the engine that are often terminal. 

The IMS Guardian is a simple DIY project that allows you to protect your vehicle from the dreaded IMS Bearing Failure that often results in a total and complete engine failure.

 For all the latest information concerning the IMS Guardian Sr. and Jr. follow these links to the Flat 6 Innovations
or LN Engineering websites:

IMS Guardian Home Page

LN Engineering Home Page

Flat 6 Innovations Turn Key Engine Solutions!  

Our engine program is better than ever here at Flat 6 Innovations. Take advantage of our years of internal research and development by opting for an elective engine reconstruction that included a big bore, higher performance engine! With the M96 engine being "proactive" is much cheaper than being "reactive". Now accepting orders for winter and early spring 2013 delivery with summer and fall 2012 completely booked. 
With our engine program there are no hidden costs and no "core charges" to deal with. We create your reconstructed, big bore engine from your existing engine foundation. This means the car remains "matching numbers" and you don't end up with someone else's "blown up core" nor do we do costly conversions. Email us for dyno charts and detailed information. Serious inquiries only, please. 
Prices start at $18,500 for Stage 1 engines and $22,500 for Stage 2 engines. Generation III engines start at $23,500. PRICES INCLUDE FREE REMOVAL / INSTALLATION & DYNO! We also break the engine in on a 200 mile shakedown run and give the engine it's initial "break in" oil service and top it off with a fresh fill of intermediate oil. Nothing required upon vehicle receipt except your driving the car! Shipping your car to Flat 6 is as easy as a phone call to us!
Stage I Engines are designed specifically to function with all OEM sub-systems to include ECU tune, stock muffler, stock intake and all other stock hardware. These are 49 state emissions compliant.
Stage II Engines require non stock sub-systems and are generally equipped with our track package to create a true "dual purpose" street/ track car thats designed to live for years of fun at DE and AX events. Runs on premium pump gas- race gas not required.
Generation III Engines include all Stage II upgrades and utilize exclusive piston cylinder combinations from LN Engineering yielding 3.2 or 3.4 to 3.8 and 3.6 to 4.0 liters.
Wondering about our warranty. It's second to none. Another happy Flat 6 Innovations customer writes:
CanadaIMS Solution goes to Canada (cont.)

As part of the last test for the IMS Solution, Jake Raby of Flat 6 Innovations and Charles Navarro of LN Engineering embarked on an 8 day journey to prove that the IMS Solution is just that - the solution to IMS bearing failures. 

Trust. Confidence. Just two words that sum up what happens when you no longer need to fear an IMS
bearing failure. The road taken was far off the beaten path. In most places, there were no automotive repair shops of any kind, let alone any cell phone service to call for help, like far down on this dirt road in the middle of nowhere Montana. Pride. Knowing you conquered the most feared problem with the M96 and M97 engine and doing with no spare tools, parts, or support/chase vehicle (like manufacturers use). Truth be told, this wasn't a test - it was a success tour.