FlexMLS Important Tidbits to Know
MLS# Search
On February 7th, the MLS Number search screen in FlexMLS Web was updated with a new name - MLS # Search - and a modernized look that is user-friendly and more intuitive. Feature enhancements were also added. For more detail, review the PDF guide or check out the video review .
Uploading Documents:
Listing Contract is now the default for Description.
How to Edit in Full Search from Search Results Screen:
If you click the Edit Search tab on Search Results and it takes you to a split screen (Quick/Map Search mode) and you would like to change it to edit in the Full Search mode, click the Full Search link at the upper right side.
Using the New Tab feature in Quick Launch Bar:
If you use the Quick Launch bar to search for an item, you can open that item in a new tab; this allows you to not have to navigate away from your current screen,
Change Default Map:
If you'd like your map for searches to default over an area of your choice (the default is Milwaukee/Waukesha area), you can change your area by clicking Menu; under the Preferences section, click Default Map. Use the drawing tool to define your desired area and save it.
Selected link on Search Results:
You can isolate selected listings on Search Results to do various functions, such as email, print, or save to a listing collection, without losing your total search results. Toggle back and forth as much as you'd like!
A note about zipForms: If you click the zipForm link under the Details tab and receive the screen shown below, simply click the Buy button at no cost to you.

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