Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
"Flip It!" 2nd Edition Sandbook Update
Over the last three years FIPPOA has distributed more than 1,300 hard copies of our very popular The Sandbook. We now are thrilled to share our 2nd edition—in an updated user-friendly digital “flip” format. The Sandbook and its Directory are your one-stop invaluable resource guide to all things Pines. It is now portable and interactive on your smartphones, tablets and desktops. Simply flip and click!  

Our talented design duo Dana Spitzer and Wissam Abyad have added amazing features. In addition to having the community map at your fingertips, imbedded on every page are links to featured websites, telephone numbers (you can call directly from the Sandbook) and more helpful information. Just some questions that you can now answer from The Sandbook online:
When is the next ferry arriving? 
Where can I learn more about the Pines Party, a BOFFO or FIPAP event?
What are the Post Office’s hours?
How do I book the Mobility Cart or a water taxi?
What’s the waste collection schedule?
Where can I find a contractor, electrician, landscaper or realtor?
What’s happening at Tea? How can I make a reservation at the Bistro?
How late is The Pantry or The Liquor Shop open?
When can I go to the Pines Care Center?
Why is Whyte Hall called Whyte Hall?
What is Trailblazers Park?

You can dig deeper, learn more about the Pines’ rich history (with FIPHPS’s wonderful help), FIPPOA’s mission and the services it provides, more on fire protection and what is happening weekly on the Community Bulletin Board. You can even order books featuring the Pines.

The Sandbook and its quick go-to Directory of services will permanently be on and shared on popular Facebook pages.

All the best!

Henry Robin, President
Allan Baum, Vice President
Tami Hausman, Secretary
Eric Sawyer, Treasurer

Gary Clinton, Greg Henniger, Chris Lovito,
Chris Mai, Jay Pagano, Rodman (Tad) Paul, Leland Rechis, 
Russell Saray, Ed Schulhafer, Matt Tague and Jim Vandernoth