How to Spot a Fraud Alert Scam
Fraud Alert Scams
Recently, there has been an increase in Fraud Alert Scam attempts in our area. That's why we're asking you to beware of unexpected text messages and calls about supposed fraudulent activity on your account or debit card even if the sender/caller appears to be from Bank of Canton.

You may be asked for your debit card or account number, passcodes, or login credentials “for security purposes” or “to verify your identity” to resolve the situation. That’s how you can tell it’s a scam: Bank of Canton will never ask you for account numbers, card numbers, verification codes, or login information.

Fraudsters can spoof the bank’s phone number on your caller ID display, and impersonate customer service agents very convincingly. But they will ask you to provide information that a real Bank of Canton employee would never ask for.
What to Do if You Are Texted or Called
If this happens to you, delete the text without responding and/or end the call immediately. Never share your personal information, account information, or any validation code texts with anyone else.

If you are unsure whether a call/email/text might be a scam, stop communicating with the other party and call us using your phone’s keypad (not a link) at 888-828-1690 to verify the situation. We’ll always be happy to help you.
Security Resources
You can read a 2022 public service announcement from the FBI to learn more about Fraud Alert Scams. You can also find a variety of security resources on our website, including tips and information about phishing, identity theft, cybersecurity and more, plus links to SANS Institute newsletters and security-focused organizations and agencies.
Working together, we can help keep your accounts and information safe from fraud.