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Newsletter #60 -- May 19, 2014
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Laura M. Brotherson, MS, MFT 
Meridian Magazine 
Couples struggle with some common concepts when they come to me for counseling. I thought it might be helpful if I were to provide a bit of a free counseling session by sharing those concepts to help couples begin to shift their thinking in the following ways:


#1 -- Focus on Fixing Yourself

If only I had a dollar for every person that walks into my office hoping I will "fix" their spouse. It's human nature, it seems, to want the other person to do the changing instead of having to change ourselves... 


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Couples spend a lot of time trying to fix their spouse. It's not terribly effective and causes a lot of personal frustration and relationship stress. In this Marriage Message #003 -- Focus on Fixing Yourself, Laura shares some insights to help you avoid this common trap.

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 Marriage Memes!

"Date night is great emotional foreplay for both husband and wife."

- Laura M. Brotherson



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