The Pyramid of Success Empowers
Prevention Strategies 
Many of us are familiar with the Pyramid of Success. But do you know how it can be used to help with your prevention efforts? That’s what Dr. David Anderson will discuss during our free June 3 webinar, “Leading from the Head and the Heart: The Pyramid of Success.” 

Dr. Anderson is Professor Emeritus of Education and Human Development at George Mason University. He worked at George Mason for 28 years, and we are honored to have the opportunity to learn from his extensive experience in the prevention field.
Substance Misuse and Dealing with a Crisis
Many people have been joking about their recent increased alcohol consumption as we practice social distancing. Some have turned to alcohol to cope with stress and depression exacerbated by isolation and uncertainty. Substance misuse disorders can affect anyone, regardless of economic or social standing. In crisis, it’s more important than ever to embrace healthy coping strategies. Learn how a reliance on alcohol during tough times can lead to an increased likelihood of developing alcohol misuse disorders in the future. 
Remember to Take Time for Self-Care!

Working in a field focused on selflessness can make self-care easier said than done. We are living in a stressful time for everyone, and that includes prevention professionals. It’s crucial that everyone practices self-care to help avoid burnout, relieve stress, and improve mindfulness. 

Our friends at the Mountain Plains PTTC put together this terrific presentation full of tips and resources to help prevention professionals practice self-care! Check it out and see how you can develop and refine your self-care efforts!
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