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November 15, 2018 
Dave Veale
My life as a supermodel...


I'm flattered and more than a little self-conscious after being referenced as a "superhero" in a recent magazine article. I'd much prefer, as my kids will attest, to be called a "supermodel", but as they have pointed out my hairline doesn't exactly support this label!

Let me explain. I had the opportunity to be on the front cover of the Robert Simmonds business fashion magazine this year with two other supermodels, and superheros in their own right, Mallory Lennon of Reimagine Designs and Germaine Pataki-Therialt of Gallery 78

But it's not me, but rather the $1MPledge, that's the real cover story.

Thanks to Paul Simmonds who is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his popular clothing store, Robert Simmonds, in Fredericton, I had the opportunity to shine a light on the $1MPledge and all the local businesses and entrepreneurs that have come on board to raise $1 Million for great causes.

This year's magazine showcases people behind prominent businesses and organizations - from the world class Beaverbrook Art Gallery to new businesses and rejuvenated businesses like The Hartt Shoe Company - not to mention the fabulous clothing and accessories all from Robert Simmonds.

Mark Hemmings, a local photographer with clients worldwide, led the photo shoot and, along with the fabulous clothing from the Robert Simmonds store, turned me and my fellow entrepreneurs into, well,  supermodels. If you didn't get a chance to see the magazine, you can read it (and look at the pictures) here!

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PS: A time for Leadership: "Will legalization of cannabis help or hurt employee health and productivity?"   Wise words from Dr. Bill Howatt: "Encourage leaders to have open conversations with their employees on (meaning of) fit for duty".

What conversations are you having in the workplace? 
What kind of help is useful?
Stephen Joyce and Kristine Ward are co-owners and founders of Amana Yoga.
The philosophical rule in yoga - the law of giving and receiving 

From my interview with Stephen Joyce & Kristine Ward, 
published April  
2018 in the Saint John Telegraph-Journal.

Stephen Joyce and Kristine Ward are co-owners and founders of Amana Yoga and have dedicated their business to promoting harmony, balance, happiness and fulfilment through yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. The husband and wife team have been bringing wellness to yogis in the Greater Saint John area since 2007.

Amana Yoga welcomes beginners and advanced practitioners of yoga, with a goal to guide and support clients by providing tools to gain optimal health and well-being.

I started our lively conversation by asking how they would describe Amana Yoga to someone who has never heard of it...

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1.  Getting youth involved in coding: Introducing Jeff Wilson of Brilliant Labs on the Boiling Point Podcast - with a goal to reintroduce coding into the school curriculum .. Listen in! 

2.   Cybersecurity Tour in NB! November 19-23, 2018 across New Brunswick - Through these workshops, participants will learn about programs and services that are available to them in order to ensure the cybersecurity of their New Brunswick businesses. Learn more & Register here.

3.  As the importance of addressing psychological health at work gains traction, it follows that protecting and promoting the mental wellness of tomorrow's work force is equally crucial. Bill Howatt  addresses this in his Globe & Mail column, Minding the mental health of today's students - tomorrow's work force.

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