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May 1, 2019
Dave Veale
Are you having crucial conversations? 


Reading Crucial Conversations (by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler) influenced my thinking around how to have productive, healthy conversations, especially when emotions are running high and high-stakes conversations are involved.

As a leadership coach, my clients talk about their struggles trying to manage difficult conversations all the time. Are you having these  tough conversations, or are you avoiding them? Do you know you can actually strengthen relationships through these crucial conversations? And yes, they are worth having. 

There are skills and techniques to help you master these conversations and my colleague, Bruce McLeod,(GM of Coaching Services at Vision Coaching) does a great job of bringing some of these concepts to light in a recent Boiling Point Podcast, Tell Them They Have Broccoli in Their Teeth, where he works to change our minds about difficult conversations.

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Dominique Leger - the entrepreneur behind the
In Pursuit Mobile Boutique.  Photo: Bryn Robinson
Saint John Magic and the Pink Truck 

From my interview with Dominique Leger, 
published July 
2018 in the Saint John Telegraph-Journal.

The big pink truck showed up in Saint John in 2013 with owner,  Dominque Leger, at the wheel. One of the freshest ideas to hit the east coast retail industry, the  In Pursuit Mobile Boutique garners a lot of attention and has a huge following. 

If anyone can make a retail venture successful, it's Dominique - Saint John's #mobilepreneur!

3 New Partners On Board

Dominos, Aquila Tours and Town Health Solutions are the most recent partners to join the Million Dollar Pledge - where each partner pledges $10K per year for 10 years, to help children in our community. With 10 partners, that's a total of a million dollars! We now have 12 Partners. How great is that?  

Pledge partners get together, and with the counsel of United Way's investment advisors, decide how best to invest. Over time, partners monitor and manage their pledge portfolio for the greatest return on community impact. So far, we've had great results - check it out.  Want to be our next partner?

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

Leadership can start with building your own circle of impact.  Introducing  Dr. Ed Brenegar, a recent guest on the Boiling Point PodcastDr. Brenegar shares how you can use leadership skills to make a valuable impact - and highlights this and more in his book Circle of Impact: Taking Personal Initiative to Ignite Change. . Listen in! 

Learning to celebrate our good moments  is training our mind to be open to learn from mistakes.  Bill Howatt   addresses this in his Globe & Mail  column, Take Time to Celebrate the Good Moments.   

Learn Coaching for H u man Resources Professionals - Saint John - July 16, 2019. 
HR practitioners are increasingly being called on to consider coaching as a tool for individuals, teams, and organizations. Learn some of the core skills and a basic model for coaching. In this highly interactive workshop, we will consider things like having difficult conversations, providing feedback, and leading change - all things HR professionals deal with daily!   Read more & register.

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