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February 2018 
Dave Veale
A Big, Progressive, Socially Conscious Idea for Business Leaders...


In my twenties I worked one-on-one with young offenders in Vancouver, BC, supporting their transition from jail into the community - I was planning to follow my mom's lead and head into a career in social work. I enjoyed the work but found it was hard to advocate for clients while on the front line.

At the same time, I was working as a fitness trainer and had a number of clients who were successful business owners. 

It was through these clients, who became good friends, that I had my first glimpse into the impact a person can make as a business leader. 

I saw first-hand how business leadership had the ability to amplify a person's voice.  It became clear to me that my new path, and passion, would be to  exercise my voice through entrepreneurship.

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Kelly VanBuskirk - Partner at Lawson Creamer
Continuous learning to tackle increasingly complex situations

From my interview with Kelly VanBuskirk, p ublished 
June 2017 in the Saint John  Telegraph-Journal.

Those who know  Kelly VanBuskirk know that he works very hard, gives generously and has an insatiable curiosity that fuels his research and writing.

Kelly was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar in 1993 and has practiced extensively in the field of civil litigation, focusing primarily on labour, employment law and human rights. He became a partner at  Lawson Creamer in 1996. In recognition of his extensive accomplishments and contributions, Kelly was given the  designation of Queen's Counsel in 2015.

Our conversation began with me asking Kelly about employment law and the importance of business owners understanding it...

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

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2.  Have you ever noticed the relationship between bad feelings and failing? After skipping his workout and tossing his plans for a healthy meal, within an hour he began to feel guilty for not following through on his plan. Read Bill Howatt's Globe & Mail column, How to avoid 'double-bad feelings' that can derail your goals.

3.  Wonder Women Workshop. Two female-driven workshops, followed by an all-star panel of local, uplifting women who will share their experiences on success, careers and how a Wonder Women, like yourself, can have it all! March 2nd in HalifaxRead more.

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