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June 20, 2019
Dave Veale
Is Your Team Performing at its Best? 


At some point in our lives, we have all encountered the feeling of empowerment that comes with being part of a great team. We remember the interpersonal connections and the shared sense of purpose and mission.

Group dynamics, when they work, make us feel like a force - a team that could weather any storm and blaze new paths to victory. Most of us, too, have shared in the misery of feeling trapped in a team that just isn't working.

Teams that are not functioning well are a drag to a company and can leave in their wake a host of dangers to your company's success. Missed opportunities, dwindling revenues, eroding morale, accelerated turnover - the list goes on.

Conversely, high-performance teams are the fuel that power the most-effective organizations. People are happy, productive, innovative. They taste success and want others - and the company itself - to succeed too.

No leader, no organization, can be truly successful if "the team" isn't performing. What can you do to help your team perform at its best?

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PS: Speaking of it time to get a pulse on your team? We are now offering a  Team 'Pulse-Check' Assessment to give you th e information you need to improve the effectiveness  and productivity of your team. The profits from every 'Pulse-Check" Assessment will be donated to the One Million Dollar Pledge It's a WIN-WIN!

Bruce McLeod
Coaching for Human Resources Professionals

Here's a great opportunity to learn Coaching for Human Resources Professionals in Saint John on July 16, 2019 - hosted by Vision Coaching's Bruce McLeod.

HR practitioners are increasingly being called on to consider coaching as a tool for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Learn some of the core skills and a basic model for coaching. In this highly interactive workshop, we will consider things like having difficult conversations, providing feedback, and leading change - all issues HR professionals deal with daily! 

This session would appeal to HR professionals, business leaders, managers / administrators, business owners, consultants, students and union leadership.
COO Beth Fairbairn, left, and CEO Colette Wasson, right, with The Learning Bar founder Dr. J. Douglas Willms, centre.
Leadership Unleashed:
Helping Children 
Succeed at School

From my interview with Colette Wasson & Beth Fairbairn published February 2019 in the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal:

Colette Wasson and  Beth Fairbairn are passionate about helping children succeed in school. Both Colette, chief executive officer, and Beth, vice-president and chief operating officer, help lead  The Learning Bar, a global company founded in 2004 by  Dr. J. Douglas Willms.

Willms and a colleague,  Patrick Flanagan, had an idea for  student perception surveys and providing immediate feedback for schools. The company has gone on to develop a full product line that includes the Early Years Evaluation starting at age 3, moving up to Confident Learners and then the Our-SCHOOL suite of surveys. 

2 Ways to Stay Fresh...

Karen Tumelty, a recent guest on the Boiling Point Podcast, gives  people opportunities to have a job and a career, regardless of their experience. Listen in to Karen talk about the open hiring practices at Greyston and how they are working to remove barriers to employment...
We can be our own worst critics, and can make promises to ourselves that we never follow through on. What we think we want to do and what we do aren't always the same. We may decide to act, but ultimately do nothing. Why?  Bill Howatt   addresses this in his Globe & Mail  column, Tips to motivate yourself in order to change your behaviour.

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