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January 2018 
Dave Veale
Don't tell me you're going into 2018 without a game plan!


Making a game plan, especially at this time of year, isn't just something I highly recommend, it's something I do myself. My colleague, Dr. Bill Howatt , just  penned a timely and useful article for his column in the Globe & Mail on how to tackle this important annual ritual.

How to map out your personal game plan for 2018

Dr. Bill Howatt
A personal game plan refers to the decisions we make at the start of each year to achieve a desired outcome before the year ends.

The start of each new year provides a window of opportunity to think about what we want to have accomplished within the next 12 months. 

Each new year can be thought of as being pure and filled with hope.  These micro skill s assist in mapping your game plan for the next 12 months: Awareness, Accountability & Action. 

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Craig Norris, VideoBand Productions
A Leader's job is to embrace risk

From my interview with Craig Norris, p ublished 
June 2017 in the Saint John  Telegraph-Journal.
With an impressive filmography dating back to 2013,  Craig Norris, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of  VideoBand Productions, is now known as the documentary film guy.

His film work primarily focuses on issues that relate to the environment, conservation and climate change and has been featured at international film festivals, exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum and has toured nationally with Dr. David Suzuki.

I began my conversation with Craig by asking him if he's always had an entrepreneurial streak...

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1.  Conducting Ethical Business practices: Introducing Steve Beauschesne, co-founder of Beau's All Natural, a family run, employee owned and totally independent Canadian craft brewery. Steve shares how his father instilled him with strong moral principles when it comes to handling business very ethically and he joined us on the Boiling Point Podcast. 
Listen in!

2.  How often do struggle with self-control? The science of behavioural economics suggests that most people in the moment of making behavioural choices don't weigh the costs - nor calculate the benefits - of their decisions. Many focus on immediate happiness (such as what will make them feel good now), regardless of the long-term impact. Read Bill Howatt's Globe & Mail column, How to Stick with a Decision to Change.

3.  The Wallace McCain Institute invites you to 'The Branding Highway' with Gair Maxwell. February 7th in Moncton, this workshop will challenge conventional thinking by focusing on what is both timeless and timely: helping business owners create substantial Differentiation and Relevance for their companies through the power of Story. Seats are limited. Register here.

Ready to take a closer look at how you and your company can reach your full business potential?  

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