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June 2018 
Dave Veale
Staying connected vs. unplugging...
how do you vacation?


I had a terrific family holiday in April. Then I read an article in the Globe & Mail and really started to think about the benefits of slowing the brain down, especially for leaders, and how I approach time off. 

I realized that I rarely completely 'unplug' from work. I have all the excuses in the world as to why I should stay connected...but they don't hold a lot of water as I read Greg Well's article on the incredible benefits available to our health and well being when we disconnect from work. So, I tried it recently on a short 'get-away' with my life long buddies from the Yukon - disconnecting has merit! 

Take a few minutes to read Greg Well's article on vacations - how are you going to spend your next getaway?

By Greg Wells

When were you last on a truly relaxing, restorative vacation? I'm talking downed tools and time completely away from normal life - including your electronic tether to work.

If you're thinking that it has been a long time, you're not alone. Project: Time Off, an initiative of the U.S. Travel Association, reports that vacation use was at an all-time low in 2016 at just 16 days. 

But even a short vacation has been shown  to improve health and well-being and can even improve  cardiovascular health parameters

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Beth Hatt is the founder of Aquila.
Saint John is the living lab for international business

From my interview with Beth Kelly Hatt,
2017 in the Saint John Telegraph Journal.

Beth Kelly Hatt, founder of Aquila, has built a company that believes strongly in ensuring there is 'happiness in the workplace'. 

Aquila is a Saint John company that specializes in creating and sustaining tourism excellence. Each year Aquila creates engaging experiences for almost 60,000 travelers cruising in Atlantic Canada.

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

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2.  Do you need the skills required for a leader to effectively support employees' mental health in the workplaceThousands of books claim to include the most important knowledge and skills required to be an excellent leader. However, there's much less written on the skills required for a leader to effectively prevent stigma, promote mental health and support employees' mental health in the workplace. Read more in Bill Howatt's Globe & Maicolumn, How leadership can impact workplace mental health.

3.   Three of New Brunswick's most prominent business leaders have been named to the Junior Achievement New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame. James (Jim) M. Crosby Jr, Gordie Lavoie and Mike Timani will be inducted on November 1st in Moncton. Read about the laureates or to purchase your tickets.

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