Tatiana Chulochnikova 
Violinist Tatiana Chulochnikova appears regularly with ABS ever since she came to us at the inaugural 2010 ABS Academy. She has often performed concertos for ABS audiences, and her musical interests are varied and accomplished. The Bay Area's San Francisco Classical Voice  wrote about her "thrilling technique and bravura style."

Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Tatiana began playing violin at the age of seven and made her professional debut at fourteen performing Bruch’s violin concerto with the Kharkiv Philharmonic. An award winning violinist, she received her professional training at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow as well as Oberlin Conservatory and the Juilliard School where Tatiana was a Kovner Fellowship recipient.

We can't wait to bring Tatiana back to our audiences, but in the meanwhile she has sent the following video greeting and a wonderful performance, and she has shared with us her experiences over the last several months.

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So many musical performances have been canceled recently, but have you been able to take on any new musical projects? Have you delved into repertory that hadn’t had time to work on before? 

Yes! I have been asked to perform at a couple of live-streamed events recently. Including a solo recital for the Violin Channel. It is a very popular media source for classical music. Their live streamed events are well attended worldwide. I have never done anything like this so it was both exciting and thrilling to take up this challenge. Doing it meant getting out of my comfort zone on many levels. Later I saw that my recital got about 10K views. Pretty cool!

Currently I am brainstorming a few new project ideas and working on some awesome solo violin pieces written in the lockdown by a talented Russian- American composer; as well as Bach’s Chaconne and Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata . Hoping to incorporate all of the above in the programs for the upcoming season. 
You have many other strong interests. For example, you’re an accomplished photographer. Have the past months given you a chance to enjoy those other pursuits?

I’ve been out with my camera almost every day: in the park - noticing interesting textures and patterns; in the city - shooting empty downtown; at home trying different light set ups and experimenting with editing. I’ve always been fascinated how a moment, an emotion or sometimes an entire story can be captured in a single still image. Having such a creative outlet has been very therapeutic for me. Also getting so much better at it thanks to regular practice!

[see the link below to view some of Tatiana's photography portfolio]

Are there other ways that you have found to make good use of this time? Cooking? Reading? 

I have 17 wonderful students in my violin studio, so with no traveling or performances I've been actually teaching much more in the past few months, online, of course. Also, I’ve been taking 2-4 mile walks every day since March 12. Never spent this much time outdoors before. Growing up in Moscow I was never exposed to nature too much. It was amazing to witness and capture a change of seasons in the park nearby - from early spring with its amazing air fragrant from cherry blossoms and magnolia to a beautiful bright summer. I saw a woodpecker and heard a choir of frogs for the first time. By the way they sound exactly like in Telemann’s “Die Relinge” ("Tree Frogs") Concerto we played at the 2019 ABS Summer Festival!

Most recent activities include strawberry picking, covering it with melted chocolate and eating!
Our audiences love you and your performances. And we’re so happy that you love to be with us at ABS. Are there any standout reasons why you look forward to your future projects with ABS?

Making music with my friends at ABS is always so artistically fulfilling and inspiring. And such a wonderful appreciative and intelligent audience! Miss you all so much!

Can you tell us about the piece you are about to perform in the next video?

This Telemann Fantasie was the first substantial baroque solo violin work I learned at the age of 15. Russian teachers considered Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas to be well beyond the teenager's intellectual and musical abilities. Learning this Telemann Fantasy was a required step before I’d be allowed to look at solo Bach. Telemann was part of my winter jury recital program for which I got some nice comments including this one: “You have a special sense for baroque music.”

You certainly do, Tatiana! Thank you so much for being such an important part of ABS and for bringing us all a little bit closer together.
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Be well and stay well!
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