People don’t work for companies, they work with other people. Studies show that people quit work due to toxic managers and are more productive when they have good relationships with their coworkers and leaders. While we tend to think about human resources and diversity as hiring and firing issues, in today’s business climate they are more about creating a workplace culture where employees can reach their full potential and thrive.
"A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players." - Steve Jobs , Co-Founder of Apple
Read on to learn from human resource experts how to improve culture by running experiments, increase happiness by defining work-life boundaries, and lead better by understanding what motivates your employees. 
How is it possible to be 100% at work, and 100% in your personal life? BigSpeak's President, Barrett Cordero describes how he sets work-life boundaries rather than striving for the notion of work-life balance. Read on for effective ways to manage the relationship between work and life, and to find out if you're an integrator, a separator, or a cycler.
Not all employees are equal, so a one-size-fits all leadership approach isn't effective. Understanding what your employees want is key to motivating them. Read on to learn how to treat your employees the way they want to be treated for better employee engagement and stronger professional relationships.
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Courtesy of author Robert Richman and BigSpeak, The Culture Blueprint is a systematic guide to building a company culture that fosters committed, enthusiastic employees.
In the past, Robert Richman used to provide all the solutions for the company and nothing would change. That’s when he had a “Eureka moment” about how to help companies. Companies and employees need to co-create solutions. If they co-create the solution, they take ownership.
These top business speakers each have a unique outlook on building healthy company cultures and, in turn, creating a more productive business. Read more to find out which keynote speaker is perfect for your company.
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