Anglican Poets: Henry Vaughan
Henry Vaughan (1621-1695) was a Welsh metaphysical poet, translator, and physician. Vaughan lived through a tumultuous period in English history, marked by the English Civil War and its aftermath.
A graduate of Oxford, Vaughan produced secular poetry and learned translations of Latin texts. However, after a conversion experience, occasioned by an illness and influenced by the poet George Herbert, he began writing the religious verse for which he is known.
Vaughan's works often explore themes of spirituality, nature, and the human soul's relationship with the divine. His poetry is characterized by its deep religious fervor, metaphysical conceits, and a profound connection to the natural world.

-      Jami Blakeley
"The Holy Communion"
Welcome sweet, and sacred feast; welcome life!
Dead I was, and deep in trouble;
But grace, and blessings came with thee so rife,
That they have quicken'd even dry stubble;
Thus souls their bodies animate,
And thus, at first, when things were rude,
Dark, void, and Crude
They, by thy Word, their beauty had, and date;
All were by thee,
And still must be,
Nothing that is, or lives,
But hath his Quicknings, and reprieves
As thy hand opes, or shuts;
Healings, and Cuts,
Darkness, and day-light, life, and death
Are but mere leaves turn'd by thy breath
Spirits without thee die,
And blackness sits
On the divinest wits,
As on the Sun Eclipses lie.
But that great darkness at thy death
When the veyl broke with thy last breath,
Did make us see
The way to thee;
And now by these sure, sacred ties,
After thy blood
(Our sovereign good,)
Had clear'd our eyes,
And given us sight;
Thou dost unto thy self betroth
Our souls, and bodies both
In everlasting light.
Was't not enough that thou hadst payd the price
And given us eyes
When we had none, but thou must also take
Us by the hand
And keep us still awake,
When we would sleep,
Or from thee creep,
Who without thee cannot stand?
Was't not enough to lose thy breath
And blood by an accursed death,
But thou must also leave
To us that did bereave
Thee of them both, these seals the means
That should both cleanse
And keep us so,
Who wrought thy wo?
O rose of Sharon ! O the Lilly
Of the valley!
How art thou now, thy flock to keep,
Become both food, and Shepheard to thy sheep.
Notes from the Staff: Fr. Sean Kim
Dear friends,

In a meeting a couple of weeks ago with our Senior Warden, Sharon Hunter-Putsch, I was asked what the favorite part of my new position as Priest-in-Charge was. I had to pause a second. There are so many things that came to mind that it was difficult to choose one, but after thinking about it, I told Sharon that it was getting to know the good people of St. Mary’s on a deeper level.

The past couple of months have provided me with countless opportunities to work closely one-on-one with the clergy, staff, and volunteers, who have all stepped up to do so much more. And I have been impressed by the many gifts and talents, as well as the faithfulness and profound commitment. But above all, I have been moved by the love and care that bind us together as a faith community. Not a day goes by without someone asking me how I’m doing. And whether it is the gentle and compassionate pastoral care provided by our clergy and volunteers or the warm and friendly conversations at our festive receptions after Mass on Sunday, love is everywhere. And it is love for one another that will get us through whatever lies ahead in this period of transition.
Five years ago, when Fr. Charles was interviewing me to serve at the church, I told him that St. Mary’s would be a dream job. And that has never been more true than now.

God bless you.
Meet the Vestry: Kristi Seaton
Kristi Seaton loves serving at St. Mary's altar as an acolyte and as a member of the altar guild, often recalling St. Mary's specific living-gospel experiences on her social media. Kristi deeply values the inclusive orthodoxy of the Episcopal Church and St. Mary's deep dedication to tradition. Church historian Jaroslav Pelikan once wrote, "Tradition is the living faith of the dead; traditionalism is the dead faith of the living." St. Mary's understands tradition in a very healthy and dynamic way.

Kristi earned a Master of Arts of Theological Studies from Nazarene Theological Seminary. She has written and presented on the historical intersection of race and the American church, edited a book about the demise of the
American holiness movement in the 20th and 21st centuries, and most recently published an article, advocating the full inclusion and affirmation of queer persons in her former church tradition. Kristi is currently on the discernment path as a postulant to the diaconate. She hopes to be bi-vocational as a hospital chaplain and deacon for the Diocese of West Missouri. She is passionate about community building and cares deeply that a culture of belonging is nurtured in places where she works and serves. Kristi works at Medical Plaza Imaging for the St. Luke's Health System in a front office administrative position. Kristi is always excited to find opportunities to minister to her patients during the course of her workdays. 
Kristi is happily married for 10 years to Kent, aka Captain Red Beard. They are newly empty-nested and are having fun carving out a new rhythm in their new-to-them Brookside condo. They raised a large, blended family. The Seaton's exercise a lived theology of "scooch and fit.” Kristi loves taking long walks, eating Asian food, and reading. Kristi and Kent enjoy regular date days and dedicating one weekend a month to spending time together intentionally. They hope to soon start traveling internationally now that they no longer have children at home.
As we enter the season of stewardship, I am reaching out to you as your Stewardship Committee Co-chair to share some exciting updates and extend an invitation to be part of our continued journey together.

Throughout this past year, we have witnessed incredible progress within our community, thanks to your support. Our outreach efforts have expanded, touching the lives of those in need, and we've welcomed a part-time communications assistant. Additionally, we've sustained our choral scholars program and implemented numerous improvements to our cherished building.

In the coming days, please keep an eye out for emails from Fr. Sean and our Senior Warden Sharon, as well as letters from Erika Darling and myself. These communications will contain valuable information about ways you can contribute to our mission.

If, for any reason, you do not receive a pledge kit, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Your participation is crucial in ensuring our collective success.

This year, I encourage you to consider reaching a little deeper into your hearts and pockets. Your generosity has been the foundation of our achievements, and with your continued support, we can do even more. Let us march forward together, spreading God's word and being His compassionate hands and feet in our community.

Junior Warden's Report
Junior Warden Philip Lofflin’s Report:
Work has begun on the north wall of the Nave. The lower part of the wall has sustained major water damage from a leaking roof, damaged gutters, and incorrect humidity settings on the HVAC system. All of those issues have been repaired. Our contractor is removing the damaged faux bricks that have exposed the brick structural wall that supports the building. Once we are sure the moisture problems have been fully resolved, the wall will be repaired and painted.
Mass for First Responders
Last Friday evening, we commemorated the Feast of St. Michael with a Mass for First Responders, Military, and Veterans. This was a first for St. Mary’s and a wonderful celebration of Michaelmas. I hope this will become an annual tradition that we host for our diocese. The offering collected that evening will go to support the Episcopal Veterans Fellowship of West Missouri, led by Dcn. Adam James at St. Andrew’s.

I would like to thank Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce for her letter of support; Mtr. Susan McCann and Fr. Charles Everson for planting the seed for the Mass; and Fr. Sean Kim, Dcn. Lynda Hurt, Dcn. Adam James, Paula Carnegie, Justin Smith, Lenna Taylor, Bria Haupt, Raja Reed, and Erika Darling for bringing their gifts to make the event possible. My heart is full.

Philip Lofflin
Society of Catholic Priests (SCP) Annual Conference
The 13th Annual Conference of the Society of Catholic Priests took place at St. Mary's this week. This diverse organization includes women and men serving as priests, deacons, and consecrated religious within the Anglican Communion. Alongside classes, the Conference featured Morning Prayer, daily Mass, the Angelus, Evensong & Benediction, Sung Compline, and a Perpetual Adoration chapel.
Mtr. Melanie Rowell -Convener and the Society gifted St. Mary's with a lovely crystal Ablution Cup topped with a brass lid. An Ablution Cup is a small dish used by the celebrant or person distributing communion from the reserve sacrament outside of mass to cleanse their fingers of the sacramental elements.

We thank the Society of Catholic Priests for choosing St. Mary's for their annual conference. More pictures of the conference to follow in next week's issue.
Feast of St. Francis
Annual Episcopal Visitation by
Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce
on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi
Including Pet Blessings

Date: Sunday, October 8th

We extend a warm invitation to all feline, canine, avian, and other beloved creatures of the animal kingdom (accompanied by their human companions) to join us in celebrating the patron saint of animals and receive a special blessing.

This year holds particular significance as Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce will bestow her blessings upon our cherished animals as part of her traditional annual episcopal visitation to our parish. Bishop Bruce will celebrate at both the 8:00 AM Low Mass and the 10:00 AM Sung Mass. However, we will have pet blessings only at the 10:00 AM Mass.

Please help us spread the word and invite your friends to partake in this exceptional and joyous occasion.
Podcast: All Things Episcopal
Do you have an interest in the Episcopal Church?
How about podcasts? Well look no further...

The Campus Ministry Commission for the Diocese of West Missouri has just completed their first series of "All Things Episcopal." Here is a little bit of info about this wonderful project, as well as the link to the podcasts for your listening enjoyment.

"All Things Episcopal" is a platform to talk about the Episcopal faith and introduce some basics about the Episcopal Church, including why we do some of the things we do that may sometimes be a mystery (or even an obstacle) to those new to our church. The intended audience for this podcast is college students and young adults, especially those who may be coming from outside our faith tradition.

"All Things Episcopal" features several well-known people from our diocese, including a few episodes with St. Mary's own Justin Smith and Fr. David Wilcox.

We hope you will enjoy!
St. Mary's Survey
As you know, we recently agreed to move forward with HolyCow! Consulting to help us plan our future. Beginning Sunday, we will be asking the parishioners at St. Mary's to participate in the first step, which is to conduct a congregational assessment. This assessment will provide a clear picture of who we are as a church and what directions are most important for our future. The tool we'll use is the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT), which will provide key indicators of our congregational health along with areas of challenge and potential growth. It will help us to collect and understand the range of views that exist at St. Mary's and the possibilities, willingness, capacity and energy for moving our ministry into the future.

If you have provided us with a current email address, you will receive a web link to complete the assessment online. If you would prefer to take the assessment using a paper copy, please stop by the office, and we will provide one for you along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

NOTE: If there is only one email address for all members of your household, it may be tempting to have one person take the survey on behalf of the family. However, please be sure your spouse and all young adults living in your home have an opportunity to complete the survey. INDIVIDUAL INPUT is key to our gaining insight into overall perceptions and experiences.

Please set aside enough time to answer all the questions. This will take about 30 minutes. All survey responses are strictly anonymous.

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this congregational assessment and for helping to build the future of St. Mary's.

If you have questions, please contact Sharon Hunter-Putsch or Raja Reed.
Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer
Place: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in St. George Chapel

Dates: First Saturdays, with the first session on October 7

Time: We will gather a little before 10:30 AM so that we can begin our time of reading and centering prayer promptly at 10:30 AM. These sessions will end no later than noon, if not before.

Lectio Divina (Latin for "Divine Reading") is a traditional monastic practice of scripture reading, meditation, and prayer, intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's word. Centering prayer is a silent way of opening to God's presence and action within us, beyond thoughts and words.

Both are practices that fell away from common usage except for those who were in monastic communities. In recent years, Christian leaders have rediscovered these valuable practices that were originally intended for all Christians. Ideally, these practices lead us into a more attentive and listening mode, a space in which we are more open to hear the voice of God in Scripture and in our personal lives.
To begin the first few sessions, your facilitators will be Brian Cowley, Nancy Wagner, and Deacon Lynda Hurt. That being said, this is not a study but a group exercise, in which we will all be participating as learners.

There is no need to reserve a spot but come when you can and join us in this “sitting and listening.
The Bishop Search
As the Diocese of West Missouri starts searching for the next bishop, our 47 congregations are offering a special prayer for this process.

O Creator God, giver of every good gift, look graciously on us in the Diocese of West Missouri and guide us as we discern our call of a new bishop. O Jesus, be present in our discernment, and lead us to a shepherd who will invite us to live out the Gospel every day. O Holy Spirit, inspire us with your wisdom, and kindle our hearts with the fire of your love, that we may be renewed as we prepare to welcome the ministry of our next bishop. This we ask trusting in You. Amen.
Morning Prayer Zoom Link
This is a reminder that the Morning Prayer zoom link has been updated! If you'd like to attend the 7:30a.m. virtual morning prayer, you can click on the link found on the worship schedule page.

The zoom link is also available here.
Bro's Joes
You may have had opportunity to get to know Vonda and Adam Powell, both parishioners at St. Mary's. Adam is a young man who is non-verbal with autism. He loves coming to church, shaking hands and helping to create Blessing Bags for our homeless friends. His mother has been working hard to begin a nonprofit to employ Adam and others in the Northland. 

"Bro's Joes" will be a fully inclusive coffee arts bar in Liberty, Missouri where everyone can come together with purpose and belonging. We call it the "RelationshOp." 

To help:

☕️Participate in our events by following us on Facebook or checking our website 

☕️Purchase coffee and merch through our website -


God is fully in this endeavor and we pray you will be, too!
Artist's Inspiration Hour
Artist's Inspiration Hour Tuesday's @ 6:30 p.m.

Do you have an artistic goal? Is there a medium you wish to explore? Do you find it rather hard to stay focused to explore or complete art projects? Won’t you consider joining the St. Mary’s Artists’ working group, via Zoom. We will meet weekly on Tuesday’s at 6:30 PM CST. Come to discuss an ongoing project or proposed project for which you want feedback or encouragement. Please also join us if you are looking for ideas or inspiration. 

For questions, or more information, contact Sylvia Augustus.

Click here to join.

Get Added to the Newsletter!
Have something you'd like to promote, or have any questions? Please send all of your inquiries and ideas to our Communications Coordinator, Zach Phillips by Wednesday of each week for the following week.

You can reach out to him at or by clicking here.
Lectionary Bible Study
Please turn to Track 2 at the top of the page.

This Sunday's Bible Study will be canceled due to the Bishops Visitation. We will gather at 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. again next week in the Downstairs Classroom, often referred to as the AA Room. Here is the link to the readings:

Check out previous sermons here!
Parish Prayer List

Mary Beveridge, Richard Herndon, Laura Moats, Bernie, Mary Wilcox, Kent Howerton, Dan, Ruby, Peg, Jamie, Milo, Tracy, Raja Reed, Meredith Pritchard, Scott Wilcox, Julie O’Rourke Zaveral, Collette Drane, Brian Hunter, Mark Starks, Irene Gould, Nancy Warren, Mary Parrish, George Vinnie, Michael Heiner, Jeanie Lillard Frank, Bonnie Haupt, Dan, Sandra Lee, Merton Shatzkin, Matthew Plummer, Michelle, Michael, Jake, Kendra,  Charlie, Corrine, Michael Frost, Shylee Bradford-Bevis, Lolit Moore, Bre Baker, Don Clark, Cathy, Sharon Johnson, Connie, Fr. John Biggs, John Stanks, Glenn & Darlene Moore, Paul Powell, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. 
To add a name to the prayer list, please email Raja.
Service Times
Low Mass at 8:00 a.m.
High Mass at 10:00 a.m.
Low Mass at 12:00 p.m. (M,T,Th,F)
Private Confessions at 5:00 p.m. (Wed.)
Low Mass at 6:00 p.m. (Wed.)
This Week in the Church Calendar

Friday, October 6 | William Tyndale & Miles Coverdale, 1536, 1568
Saturday, October 7 | Birgitta of Sweden, 1373 or Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, 1787
Sunday, October 8 | William Dwight Porter Bliss, 1926, & Richard Theodore Ely, 1943
(St. Mary's will transfer Francis of Assisi to this day)
Monday, October 9 | Robert Grosseteste, 1253 or Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, 1940
Tuesday, October 10 | Vida Dutton Scudder, 1954
Wednesday, October 11 | Philip, Deacon and Evangelist
Thursday, October 12 | Edith Cavell, 1915

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Ms. Lenna Taylor, Treasurer

Postulants for Holy Orders

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