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Greetings Dear HeartSpirit Community!

Happy November! For many (including me), November is "Gratitude Month." A month when we feel particularly grateful for our lives and the people in them. It is the time we gather with family and friend in-person to share a feast, or virtually to chat and send love. A tradition in many places is to gather in a Circle around the table before eating and share gratitude sentiments - young and older speak from their Heart. Sometimes tears flow...and then we EAT! I remember those times in my young adult life. There was always an Elder in the group, the Matriarch. And then one year, I realized I was the matriarch. That was a sobering and humbling moment for me. It reminded me of the sacredness and impermanence of Life. It reminded me to never take anyone and anything for granted. It reminded me that family (whether biological or adopted) is important. It is because of all this that Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. I imagine people all over the world celebrating each other and feeling grateful. The energy on Thanksgiving Day just feels different. Can you feel it?

Others of us (including me), whether out of choice or necessity, may not have family or friends close with whom to celebrate this day. I offer this prayer to you Dear Ones: May this Thanksgiving fill your heart with Gratitude, even if you are not surrounded by family or friends. Know that you are loved and cherished. May you find joy in the simple blessings of the day and may you know that right where you are God, Goddess, Great Spirit is with you. Ase' Amen, Aho, And So It Is.

Our theme for this month is "Growth, Grace, & Gratitude." And all month, we will be exploring Gratitude. We will also be exploring "God" in our monthly Spiritual Exploration Circle. I am particularly excited about our "Conversations with God" Book Discussion, and our Thanksgiving Eve Gratitude Circle. Join us for any of our Circles and gatherings (please see flyers below). YOU are always welcome to come and share your Light and Love with us. Namaste'

Happy November! Have a month filled with Gratitude!

Sending much Love,

Ouida Joi AKA Rev. O

November 2023 Zoom Gatherings

November Theme: "Growth, Grace & Gratitude"

All gatherings are offered on Zoom

The Zoom Room is always open 5 minutes before start time.

*Please see flyers below for Zoom information*

  • HeartSpirit Meditation Circle , Wednesday, November 1, 6:00pm-6:30pm Eastern / 3:00pm-3:30pm Pacific

  • "Conversations with God, Book One" Book Discussion Circle, Saturday, November 11, 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00am Pacific

  • Monthly Monday Morning Prayer Call, November 13, 9:00 am-9:20am Eastern / 6:00am-6:20am Pacific

  • "So, What (Who) Exactly is God?" Webinar, Wednesday, November 15, 6:00pm Eastern / 3:00pm Pacific

  • 3rd Sunday CELEBRATION! Circle, Sunday, November 19, 1:00pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

  • Thanksgiving Eve Gratitude Circle, Wednesday, November 22, 6:00pm Eastern / 3:00pm Pacific

HeartSpirit community gatherings are always offered at no cost.

Love donations are welcome.

Printable HeartSpirit November Calendar

Start your month of Gratitude with a beautiful time of stillness and heart-full mindfulness meditation. In this 30-minute meditation, we have centering, guided and silent meditations, and brief sharing. It is a time of stillness, peace, relaxation, and connecting with the Divine within. All are welcome.

Here is a bit about Neale Donald Walsch: “Neale Donald Walsch was at the lowest point of his life - from a devastating fire to the collapse of his marriage - when he decided to write a letter to God to vent his frustrations. What he did not expect was a response: as he finished his letter, he was moved to continue writing, and out came extraordinary answers to his questions. These answers - covering all aspects of human existence, from happiness to money, to faith - helped Walsch to change himself and his life for the better, and the way he viewed other beings.

Walsch compiled all of these answers into this first Conversations with God book, which was an instant bestseller on publication in 1995, going straight into the New York Times bestseller list and remaining there for more than 130 weeks... it has sold millions of copies world-wide and has changed the lives of countless people all around the world with its profound answers about life, happiness, money, love and faith.

Conversations with God, Book One is a modern spiritual classic that has been translated into 37 languages. It remains fresh and relevant in a world that needs its powerful messages about who we are and our place in it more than ever." Walsch has written 10 books in the Conversations with God series (adapted from

"God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer." Mother Teresa

Please join us for this monthly Interfaith prayer circle as we offer prayers for ourselves, our families, friends, and the world. We offer empowering, affirmative prayers that honor all paths to the Divine. All are welcome. All faiths and traditions are honored.

"And so I urge you: carry on an ongoing conversation with God about the daily stuff of life, a little like Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. For now, do not worry about 'proper' praying, just talk to God." Richard J. Foster

I often get questions about the New Thought and Interfaith paths. The question usually starts off like this, "So, what exactly is _________?" Each month at HeartSpirit, we explore a different spiritual philosophy, path, or practice. We began the series in March with exploring New Thought. In April, we explored Metaphysics. In May, we explored Consciousness. In June, we explored Truth. In July, we explored Quantum Physics. In August, we explored the Science of Mind & Spirit. In September, we explored Mysticism. In October, we explored Soul. This month, we will explore God.

All religions and spiritual paths have a name for this Divine Essence - God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, G-d, Allah, Jehovah, Hashem, Mother-Father God, Eck, Higher Power, Divine Mother, Creator, Source, Brahma, and many others. Rumi called It The Beloved, The One, The Friends, and many others. Names are both Male, Female, and gender-neutral. Please join us for a discussion that is sure to be both thought-provoking and intriguing. All are welcome.

Please join us as we come together to CELEBRATE Life, Living, Joy, Spirit, and Community! We always have a centering, reading, inspiring and uplifting music videos, a short talk/message, sharing, meditation, a closing affirmative prayer, laughter, and FUN! Come be inspired and uplifted. All are welcome and welcomed with a (virtual) open Heart and open arms.

Please join us for this Sacred Circle as we share gratitude for our lives and our many blessings. We will have Interfaith gratitude readings and poems, a time of meditation, honoring our Ancestors, and honoring the the many First Nations people who inhabited the lands upon which we each live. This is a beautiful way to ground ourselves as we prepare for Thanksgiving Day. Please feel free to bring a gratitude poem or reading to share. All are welcome.

May this November be filled with Growth, Grace & Gratitude. Happy Thanks-Giving for you!

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