Fuerzas Unidas Caucus Information

Vote Yes!

SCC Voting begins on Tuesday, November 16th and we hope you VOTE YES for the Fuerzas Unidas Caucus!

November 16 through November 23: Ballots will be provided by a link in an email to all SCC members. SCC members will fill out their Fall 2021 Ballots online. If an SCC member is unable to submit their ballot online, they will have the option to CALL IN their ballot to a member of the DPNM Staff. The call-in phone number will be provided in the November 16th email that contains the link to the online ballot.

If you do not recall your Voting PIN, please send an email to SCCVoting@nmDemocrats.org  If you are a new SCC member, please refer to the directions in the email from <info@nmdemocrats.org>  dated November 3, 2021 at 1:15:17 PM MDT. 


Thank you for the opportunity to present our Fuerzas Unidas Caucus at the SCC Fall Meeting and at our first information session on October 25th. Please feel free to watch a recording of that session HERE.

One More Session...

There is much more we would like to share about Fuerzas Unidas Caucus (FZU). Our Zoom session will include lots of time to get to know you, answer any questions, and hold a more in-depth discussion. We invite you to join us for our final FZU information session. 

We plan on presenting an outline of how FZU is dedicated to mobilizing both rural and metro involvement. We’ll also highlight how our mission sets out a framework to effectively engage voters. In particular, metro and rural representatives from throughout New Mexico will be part of our leadership structure, so we have bold and energetic representation from all our gente.

Please register here to join our session:

Fuerzas Unidas Caucus Virtual Forum

Monday Nov 8, 2021 6:30 PM

Register Here:


Download slides for the presentation HERE.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you at our event. 


Diane Torres-Velásquez, Interim Chair

Marsella Duarte, Interim Vice Chair Metro

TJ LĂłpez, Interim Vice Chair Rural

Vicky Estrada-Bustillo, Interim Treasurer

Michelle Mares, Interim Secretary

Fuerzas Unidas Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico


Help us mobilize our strong communities by becoming a rural or metro regional representative with Fuerzas Unidas!


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We are also looking to build a strong membership to organize and mobilize the Hispanic vote; therefore, we enthusiastically encourage your membership, which can be completed with the following form:


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Fuerzas Unidas Caucus

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