Thank you for being patient with us while we worked out a solution! It's not ideal, and we hope you're not expecting Hollywood type quality, but these can help fill the gap for you while the studio is closed.

Note: For our first class, Total Body Burn Monday 3/16, we do not yet have our music licensing solidified. There is no music for this particular workout, but you can choose your own playlist and have it playing separately. If you like to be on the beat, choose songs that are 132 beats per minute. We hope to have this solved in upcoming workouts!
Here's How It Works:
>>Classes will be offered at a reduced price. Please understand these are full-length classes and we do need to charge for them! (Shorter free classes are available on our YouTube Channel ).

>>Book your online classes by clicking the button below . (We hope to have online classes visible on the Game On! app by tomorrow!)

>>Once you register for class, you will receive a confirmation email from MindBody - please read it! It provides the link you need to access the actual class.

>>Classes will be available online beginning at the Class Start Time, and remain available for roughly 48 hours after that. We hope this option allows you more flexibility, versus a live-stream option which would occur only at one set time. You can view as many times as you want during that timeframe. You can also pause and come back, if you're like us and get interrupted! (Due to limitations of the system, you can cancel with no penalty up until the Class Start Time, but after the Class End Time noted in the system, we cannot process cancellations).

>>You will need an internet connection, obviously higher speed is better. Videos are best viewed on a tablet or laptop, or broadcast to your SmartTV from your phone (watch for instructions on how to do this later this week).
Your patience is appreciated!
We have been working non-stop the last few days to bring you this solution. Please expect that there may be a few bugs as we work through it. We are happy to answer questions, just understand that we are stretched a little thin right now! We will get back to you just as quickly as possible and help you troubleshoot any issues you might be having.
For the safety of our trainers and our clients, we are suspending all personal training at this point.

We love you and are here for you! Please engage with us on social media and we can't wait to see you again in person very soon! Game On!