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Full Moon Newsletter  *  June 4, 2012
Summer is upon us!  



With the promise of vacation travel and the excitement of summer projects, June can be a time of heightened enthusiasm and energy - or your body may already be screaming "burn out time!" Check out the juicy suggestions in the article below to help manage the heat and the frenzy.



Speaking of new projects, this month I am excited to offer a free teleseminar called "Stop PMS and Menstrual Pain: How to Create Boundless Energy and Feel Great All Month Long with Ayurveda." Call in from the comfort of your own home to learn some practical and inspiring ideas!  But remember you MUST pre-register first here.



June also holds some special planetary events this year. We always experience the summer solstice on June 21, the longest day of the year, but tomorrow we will also witness a rare Venus transit of the sun.



Finally, for those who want to deepen their understanding of Ayurveda this summer, I am introducing a"Basics of Ayurveda" tutorial on my blog. Bookmark the page or subscribe to have this fantastic overview delivered to your In Box in easy bite-sized morsels.



So much to learn, so much to do - welcome to summer. Let's go find a swimming hole to cool off in!



Reflecting the light in you,






Julia's Story - Premenstrual Relief at Last!


When Julia came to see me, she had been suffering 5-7 days of excruciating pain and cramping each month her whole adult life. At age 49, she really didn't believe it could be any other way.
Over several consultations with me, she changed some of the foods she ate and adjusted aspects of her daily routine - she started going to bed earlier, changed her exercise, and added some new habits.


Her next cycle was noticeably easier. The cramping was diminished, and her mood did not crash the week before. The following month, her period actually caught her by surprise as she didn't have any premenstrual symptoms at all.


Suddenly the ten-day hike in the Grand Canyon that her sons had invited her on seems possible. "My fear of my cycle won't hold me back now!" she said. "Bring on the summer fun!"
Beat the Heat: Soothing Pitta Dosha in the Summer 
Ivy Ingram


As summer revs up, the fire element becomes increasingly tangible everywhere you go. The ancient sages who uncovered Ayurveda called the qualities of fire in the natural world "Pitta dosha."



For those of us who naturally have a lot of Pitta dosha in our constitution, or for anyone living in a hot climate, summer can be a challenging time. As the heat builds in the natural world, it can cause Pitta to rise inside, leading to imbalances in the body or the mind.  Some common signs of high Pitta are:

  • hyperacidity
  • inflammation
  • diarrhea
  • skin rashes or hives
  • nausea
  • irritation
  • plain ol' FEELING HOT


Fiery emotions can also run high. Your temper may have a shorter fuse than usual. If you feel any of these symptoms, it's time to take action - or better yet, try some of these Pitta-pacifiers before symptoms crop up.

  1. Avoid hot peppers, fermented foods (yogurt, kombucha, wine, miso) and acidic foods (citrus fruits, tomatoes, coffee, vinegar).
  2. Choose bitter and astringent foods like leafy greens, broccoli, and beans.
  3. Between meals, try cooling beverages like coconut water, hibiscus tea, and pomegranate juice.
  4. Exercise in the early morning, never in the middle of the day.
  5. Do not pack too much into one day. When Pitta is high, we tend to try and accomplish too much. Know when to say "enough."
  6. Get to bed by 10pm. The later we stay up, the higher Pitta dosha goes! 


Ironically, our digestive fire (agni) is actually weaker during the summer. The body is naturally trying to dissipate and release heat, so it doesn't concentrate as much in the gut.



Consequently, it is critical not to put out your digestive fire in your effort to keep cool. Here are some important considerations to keep your digestion strong:

  1. Do not drink an iced beverage right before or during a meal. That's the quickest way to put out your agni.  
  2. Add the following spices to your foods: cumin, fennel, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, mint, fresh ginger
  3. Start your meal with the "agni stoker appetizer" (see below)
  4. Wait until you're hungry before eating! Don't snack throughout the day, which prevents your digestive fire from building.


Pitta dosha is responsible for digesting not only the food we eat but the information we take in and the emotions we experience. To support your emotional health, create time for reflection each day - write in a journal, sit in meditation, or simply watch the birds in a feeder outside. Give yourself a break. As the temperature goes up, your body and spirit will love you for it even more.


Upcoming Events with Ivy
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Recipe Corner: Agni Stoker Appetizer



Combine the following ingredients on a spoon and consume about ten minutes before a meal to stoke your digestive fire.

  • a dime-sized slice of fresh ginger
  • � tsp raw honey
  • pinch salt
  • a squeeze of lime juice
  A delicious way to get your digestive juices flowing!


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