Summer 2017   


**Product Profile for Walstone - Parkway N. School

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Dunn Bros Coffee - St. Michael, MN - New Construction

Dunn Brothers Coffee
Storage Units -  Indiana - New Construction

High Ridge Apts - Rapid City, SD - New Construction

Casey's General - Store Renovation - Carroll, IA 

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Customer activity and the type of products and applications they are asking FFS for continues to change as we move through 2017.  One area of change is the growth of renovation vs new construction. With a desire for image improvements combined with financial considerations, renovation many times can be the best approach.  Another area is re-imaging goals and finish updates.  Our column cover design is one way an existing C-Store, for example , can incorporate enhanced aesthetics with a systems approach that utilizes the same finish panels used on the building for the canopy columns and compliment the entire updated look.  

The product profiles included in this newsletter along with the new "Column Cover" design and additional corner finish extrusion options we have developed are good examples of how FFS continues to update our product offerings in an effort to assist our customers in delivering these desired updates.

We enjoy the opportunity to help provide products that our customers can utilize to solve some of their building challenges.

Very Best Regards,

Dave Walock
Ray Buchanan
General Manager

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Fullerton Finish Systems offers
new Corner Details and Column Cover Design

Fullerton Finish Systems, Inc. along with Fullerton Building Systems, Inc. developed a new column cover design for the c-store fueling stations.  Our new system speeds up the assembly process on-site, ensures the building materials and column cover materials match on the new locations and we believe has an overall appearance.  Above are some details of our new process.  If you would like to know more about our column cover system, please contact Ray, Gina or Jack at 866-915-9995.    Please click here for the Column Cover and Corner Details
FFS Product Profile 

RENOVATION -  Parkway School N. High School -        
     Creve Coeur, MO
Client:      ICS Construction Services
Type:        Renovation
Product:   FFS Walstone 

 FFS partnered with ICS Construction Services on the Parkway North High School addition and renovation.  FFS supplied the Walstone exterior finish for the school addition which utilized 14,000 sq/ft of Walstone product in the custom color that was selected.    
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RENOVATION -  Bucky's Car  Wash and Convenience 
     Store - South Elgin, IL
Client:      Buchanan Energy
Type:        Renovation
Product:   FFS Walstone 
Before Picture

After Picture

PROJECT SUMMARY:  FFS furnished the majority of updated exterior finish veneers shown on this Bucky's Car Wash.  The exterior finishes were also upgraded on the Bucky's Convenience Store.  The owner, Buchanan Energy, out of Omaha, NE purchased the FFS exterior finish material directly from FFS.    To read the rest of the Product Profile, please click here

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